Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


5. Stormy nights

She was terrified of the dark and the thunder only made it worse. Her power had been knocked out, and she had no little generator or extra power source, unless she looked within herself and used her inner birthright power, but doing that would give her location away and they would find her at once. The only reason she would be safe and can go undiscovered by her people was to not use her supernatural gifts which would trigger her whereabouts to those who wanted to find her.

Isn't it pathetic how a supernatural being like her was brought down to a whimpering mess by darkness? With the stupid but beautiful iOS10, her iPhone battery would soon run out and die completely, taking away the bright gleam of the flashlight on her phone.

She let out a strangled scream when the door of her cottage got slammed open and a gust of wind blew in with it especially when she moved her flashlight and was met with two gleaming golden rings belonging to a man. "Oh my lord! The door-" She started speaking in shock and wonderment of how Liam Kimber stood in her home. Coming in from the storm and dripping wet at that. "Wasn't locked."

He simply stated, before turning to close and lock her door to prove his point. "As I thought, you do seem to be having trouble with the storm." She sighed and settled into a nearby chair, feeling safer knowing somebody else was here with her in the dark. "Power's out." She watched him proceed to take off his wet sweater to reveal a naked and well-toned upper body chest, abs, stomachs and all that. She was thanking her luckily stars it was dark in a twisted way or else he would notice the blush filling her face.

"I see you're cold." She hadn't even noticed she was shivering, Liam proceeded to go to her fireplace, not seemingly bothered by the lack of light thereof, but she still shone her flashlight towards the fireplace, where he made a fire. See the thing was she was going to do that before but had gotten distracted by the wolf showing up. Right when she was ready to set the fire, lightning had struck so hard, taking with it the house's power. Liam made a good fire and sat down on the rug in front of it.

He didn't even seem bothered by his nakedness or even bothered to ask her if she was fine with him being unclothed, but she couldn't complain right now he was her knight in shining armour and she was more than thankful he thought of her during the storm to come to her aide, despite him treating her like an unwanted necessity.

"You're daydreaming, during night-time."

"Uhm." was all she said, as she shook herself inwardly to get a grip and handle the situation "I happen to have this beautiful wine I tried out last night... never mind I'll just pour us some." She said quickly to leave his scrutiny. Why was she acting like a middle schooler would act around her crush? Maybe because she found herself attracted to him, who wouldn't? He gives off the vibe stay away, but instead, all that vibe is doing is making her want to go and to not stay away from him.

She turned around with the two wine cups in her hand, when she almost let the cups go out of her fingers, wine sloshing onto her fingers her heart in her mouth.

Liam was behind her.

"Must you do that?!" She snapped at him before she could stop herself then watched a fast, fabulous grin flash over his face, bright and blinding as the lightning in the storm.

"I suppose not." Ah, to hell with it, he decided. He was entitled to some small pleasures. With his eyes still on hers, he lifted her damp wine covered hand, bent his head and slowly licked.

The best she could manage was a small, quiet moan.

They settled down in front of the fire drinking wine and for once Liam engaged himself in a conversation with Carrie. He had played dumb when she started talking about the wolf with so much awe, saying he had never seen it before in his life, the lie coming smoothly from him.

When he was sure she was settled enough, he decided it was time for him to go, cause it was hard restraining himself from kissing her, when she was ever so enticing, beautiful and sweet all this appealing him to him when it should not. He got up to leave bidding her a farewell, and was quickly out of the door before she could beg him to stay.

Curse it. He heard the fear in her voice, when she had opened the door of her house to find him in the storm, telling him not to leave her alone and how she didn't want to be alone.

The next burst of lightning shot the forest into bright relief. Gleaming off the coast of the wolf standing at the foot of the steps.

"Lord." She fumbled to put on her flashlight and when she shone it at the direction of her stairs. He was still there, his coat gleaming with wet, his eyes patiently watching. She gulped, took a slow step back. "You should come in out of the rain."

A thrill went up her spine as he gracefully leapt onto the porch. She didn't realise she was holding her breath until his damp fur brushed her leg as he walked inside, and she released it with a shiver.

"Well." Trembling a little, she turned so they watched each other. "There's a wolf in the house. An incredibly handsome wolf," she murmured and found herself not thinking twice about shutting the door and closing them inside together. "Uhm, I'm going to go in-" She gestured vaguely. "There. It's warm. You can-"

She broke off, charmed and baffled when he simply swung around and stalked through the doorway. She followed to see him walk to the fire, settle himself then look back at her as if waiting.

"Smart, aren't you?" she murmured. As she approached him cautiously, his gaze never leaving her face. She lowered herself to the ottoman. "Do you belong to anyone?" She lifted her hand, her fingers itching to touch. She waited for a growl, a snarl, a warning, and when none came she lightly laid her hand on his head.

"No, you wouldn't belong to anyone but yourself. That's how it is for the brave and the beautiful."

When she let her fingers stroked down to his neck, rubbing gently, his eyes narrowed. She thought she recognised pleasure in them and smiled a little. "You like that? Me, too. Touching is as good as being touched, and no one's really touched me for so long. But you don't want to hear the story of my life. It's very unsettling. Yours would be interesting," she mused. "I bet you'd have fascinating and beautiful tales to tell."

He smelled of the forest, of the rain. Of animal. And oddly, of something- familiar. She grew bolder, running her hands down his back, over his flanks, back to his head. "You'll dry here by the fire."

The wolf moved closer when his handsome head nuzzled her thigh. With a murmur of pleasure, she began to stroke him again, grinning when the rumble in his throat reminded her of a very human, very male sound of approval.

"Maybe you're lonely, too."

And she sat with him while the storm shifted out to sea, the thunder quieted, and the whips of rain and wind turned to soft patters.

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