Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


12. Letting loose

"Tony needs some right clucking in the head."

Nikki said to her, she was growing on Carrie and she really liked her and everyone else except Sylvia of course, she was still ever so bitchy towards her and she hadn't done a thing to her, like ever. Nikki had come over to help her watch over Lee and Jazzy who were currently taking an afternoon nap. She would be totally exhausted, if not for the fact that Nikki was equally as active as both of them and easily kept up with their play.

"I didn't know if I should have felt insulted or happy for him, I mean how stupid could he get coming to inform me such news with no fear of me being heartbroken or any of that sort."

Nikki started laughing and she threw a pillow at Carrie's head. Right then Liam decided to come into the house and into the play area, where she and Nikki had settled down to watch over the kids while they napped. Liam nodded at Nikki before winking at her making her blush and he left to go to his room.

"Wait! Am I missing something? Liam just winked at you and you blushed. I see why you aren't devastated over Tony."

She threw caution to the wind because she did miss gossiping with her girlfriends and as much as she loved sharing her daily experiences with the wolf, she did love to talk to someone who would listen and also actually reply her and may even share in her giddy girlie excitement.

"On Friday after the date, he got kinda mad when he thought Tony had kissed me, so he had asked me if we had kissed and when I answered no we hadn't, he all but claimed me. Like his lips took over mine, he was possessing me telling me no one could ever kiss me like that again and then when we were done he said I am now bonded you."

She didn't expect the reaction she got from Nikki. Nikki had frozen upon hearing Carrie's explanation. Liam had claimed his mate, bonded them by a kiss and to completely make her his mate and bond them both completely to each other he had to make her complete the ritual before they could actually mate and become one.

"He bond himself to you. Carrie, you know this is more than a passing flame to him."

Carrie felt her inside turn in glee at that statement, but couldn't let Nikki know that her life was more complicated than it seemed, here she was falling truly for the first time for someone without nothing to influence her thoughts about the person, this was genuinely her picking. But the time would come when she knew she had to make a huge choice.

"Let's not get too serious now, shall we? Not everyone is bound to end up as loved up and happy as you and Blaine or even Lenard or Mera."

Nikki shook her head sadly at Carrie, here was where she pitied humans, they knew not what true love was, they just had to take chances and hope their feelings never faded for one and another, got involved with the totally wrong person and found themselves nursing a broken heart.

"No you're wrong, everyone of my friends and family will find love in that one person, that they would love for life, willingly or not. It just comes as natural as our next breath."

"There I envy you. I wish my life could be that simple."

"It could be Carrie, just fall in love with Liam."

"There is no way, I will let my heart go that easily for someone, besides its just chemistry we mix and play with the chemicals we're feeling until something better and much better to explore comes and he moves on."

"Don't belittle yourself, Carrie."

"I am not, I am in love with the beautiful wolf that comes to visit me, that is someone I have given my heart to willing, but you know what? It's impossible for us to be together."

Carrie said in order to lighten the tone in which their conversation had taken, it wasn't even meant to have been this serious in the first place, but Nikki didn't take note of that, instead she smiled at Carrie, she didn't just know how possible it was she could be with that wolf. The wolf who equally loved her and was now trying to win her love in his human form.

"Kissie I'm hungry." A sleepy Lee crawled too fast for a sleepy baby towards her, but she was used to Lace and Lee fast movements by now, she just believed they were born blessed with a lot more speed and stamina than an average kid, which meant in future they did be very talented and could become great Olympians of their century.

"Kissie? Me likey!" Nikki teased her acquired nickname from the little Kimber's

"Oh stuff it, Nikki, it's quite cute actually and it's adorable hearing little Lee say it." Carrie retorted, Lee pouted and turned on Carrie, a smirk also appearing with his pout, looking ready to do something mischievous

"I'm not little!" in a flash he had reached Carrie's face and had pecked her lips, face red and adorable, how cute of him. Nikki shrieked both in shock and excitement, while Carrie blushed at little Lee, who stood before her hands on his hips smirking. "Liam won't like that," Nikki stated, while Lee turned to Nikki and stuck his tongue out at her. Carrie was in shock, oh Jivs! These Kimber males were surely something.

"True that Lee go and find your own mate and leave mine, not sharing."

Carrie felt her cheek grow hot when Liam himself appeared, while all Nikki could do was giggle. Lee looked all serious and Carrie watched in amusement, as Lee faced off his older brother in a silly stare down.

"Nuh-huh! She's mine!" Lee said finally and Carrie joined Nikki in laughing at how adorably cute he was. Instead, she pulled him into her and hugged him, pecked his cheeks before saying to him "I'm too old for you find another girl, Kimber." Lee wiped at his cheek where I had kissed him and said to me "Eww, Cooties!" before running away from her to his older brother "I'm hungry Kimber!"

Liam carried his younger brother and left the play area leaving the two ladies behind with his sleeping little sister, who burst into laughter all over again at the cuteness that was Lee Kimber.

Nikki left late in the afternoon claiming she had stayed away from Blaine for way too long, even though it had been fun hanging out with Carrie. Carrie knew that was partially part of the reason why Nikki had left, she was dying to leave Carrie and Liam alone, so things could spice up some more between them and also be able to get more juicy details about their budding relationship.

"Don't let anyone kiss you again apart from me."

"Sheesh Liam, he's just your little brother."

Carrie said, a little bit alarmed by Liam uncalled for statement, turning to look at him from washing the dishes. But he had suddenly moved closely behind her as silently as possibly. "What is it with you creeping up on me!" she asked him, clutching the sink, has her heartbeat reduced.

"Cause it is nice startling you." Carrie rolled her eyes at him and turned back to the dishes "Jerk."

"I wasn't referring to my brother, any guy. I don't like sharing what is mine."

As much as it warmed and gave her tingles down her bones, wasn't he getting too serious? All they had done was kiss, didn't mean he had asked her out on a date or even her boyfriend. "Do I look like some slut, that just goes around kissing any guy that happens to look in my direction?" she questioned him instead, trying to get across the point that he had insulted her and was also becoming too territorial.

"I didn't mean to sound that way, but the thought of you with someone else makes me angry. I just lo- my feelings for you just go deep and I want to show you how serious I am about you, so you being with another guy would just kill me."

Her heart fluttered, at his words. At the same time, she felt guilt zig through her whole body. He didn't like any other guy touching her or having his way with her, how would he feel if she confessed and told him she was betrothed to another? Even if she didn't feel like she was, duty called and her people did matter to her. She couldn't let them suffer forever in what her brother and parents had started and caused to happen.

"I won't mind giving you a chance."

"Damn right, go on a date with me; let me show you how serious I am being."

"Somehow I imagined you asking later than now." Liam laughed and Carrie smiled at him, liking the easiness about them, while Lee and Lace, as usual, were watching TV by this time. His hands went to cup her waist and turned her around, wanting to steal a kiss from her, but she stopped him.

"Let's go on a date first and I'll consider if kissing you is going to be a good idea."

Liam groaned and buried his head into her shoulder, making her giggle. "Ouch!" Carrie heard Liam say while jerking back from her. He looked down and so did Carrie to see a smirking Lee with the TV remote in his hand. He had hit Liam on his knee.


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