Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


15. I love you

Liam succeeded in wooing Carrie a couple more times, taking her on dates that she couldn't ever imagine going on normally. He was sure she was beginning to fall in love with him and within due time, they would be able to bond completely. But he needed her to know about the wolf but he didn't know how he was going to spring the subject with her or even start to tell her everyone she thought was sane, actually could turn into a wolf at will if they found it fitting their current mood.

Carrie knew at the rate things were going with Liam she would end up loving him. And she knew it would do her no good. Many times she had tried stopping Liam and her from going on with their dates, and changing the cause of their relationship to friendship but it was always fruitless, she had become weak when it came to him and he made her happy. She was only praying he wasn't using her like Zarin had been because she knew if he was it would crack and break her completely letting loose the power shimmering on the low inside her to burst with all its might and cause great irreparable damage.

Nikki and Blaine and others had kidnapped her couple of times from Liam who was never happy without her being nearby, he knew she might be expecting him to give their relationship a name, but honestly, he didn't want her has a girlfriend he wanted her as something more permanent and heart-warming. He wanted them to be bonded to each other and mate to finalise them being each other mates for the rest of their lives.

She had just put Lace and Lee to bed and had gone back downstairs to the kitchen like usual; she always waited till the little Kimber's were in bed before she ate dinner. Only to be pushed against the wall beside the fridge and her mouth being captured by another, sending tingles all over her body and heat seeping through her has she fell into him like jelly, getting lost in his kiss. Even kissing Zarin hadn't felt this passionate and she was always surprised about what his kisses did to her, not to think about if they actually went further than kissing.

Liam pulled back, succeeding in hiding his disappointment. She still hadn't fallen in love with him, it was there he could feel and taste it in the kiss, but not enough to be bonded to him. He had been taking her by surprise like that lately, checking to see if they finally could be bonded. But it never happened; it just left him feeling horny.

He buried his head in her shoulder, trying to regain his control, while Carrie panted to regain her breath and stroke his hair, it was like something was bothering him, had been bothering him for a while now but she didn't know how to ask him to tell her, because he would suddenly change and be happy all over again.

It was at the tip of his tongue to tell her 'I love you. What have I been doing wrong that you just can't love me?' But he couldn't he didn't want to scare her off. He was tired of everyone giving him pitiful looks and Tony rubbing it in his face that he had found his mate.

"I'm going out."

"Liam, what is wrong?" Carrie questioned him, surprised that he was leaving her, she was used to their nights together like this happy, it felt so right and lovely. She couldn't imagine a night she wouldn't spend with him after their first date; they were always mostly together unless he had something important to do, like pack meetings. She got scared and asked

"Don't tell me. You are going back to the mean you. I knew I should have questioned you, why had you all of a sudden taken an interest in me? I guess dumb me once again fell for a scumbag of a boy."

Once again. He felt actual pain surge through his heart and he faltered on his footings at her accusation. Who the hell had made her this way and hurt her so deeply? He swore to get her revenge and make him miserable. He needed to take a breather refocus himself and not give up hope on her loving him. But his disappointment was making him angry and he wasn't so good at containing it.

"I never intended to hurt you. I wasn't used to feeling attracted and being consumed by one female so fully. So I lashed out until I realised it wasn't going to go away. You're the one destined for me. The one who I fell for among others, the one I love. Isn't it ironic when I finally love, the one I love doesn't feel the same way? But I now know why. Whoever he is as long as I live will pay for hurting you."

"You love me?"

"Yes I do, so deal with it. You made me confess and there is no changing it if you want me to or not."

After saying that he left, angry and bare. He was nearly done with baring himself fully to her, he couldn't stand to face her rejection of him, it would break him. Tonight he was savage and would take no mercy at whoever dared crossed his path. He left town in his wolf form in search of a fight.

"I love him."

Carrie confessed to herself, minutes later still in the same spot she had been when Liam had still been present. She didn't know if she should be jubilating or miserable that she loved him, all she knew was she wanted to curl up into a ball and cry her heart out. Why was her life this way, what good would loving Liam do upon her?

She suspected she was in love with him, but she shied away at the thought and kept it at bay, not wanting to acknowledge or think about it, never admitting it to herself. But Liam's outburst had been the last straw and forced her to think about it, feel it, see it and sense it. She had once again fallen in love with a boy who she wanted to be with more than anything but knew she could never truly be with.

"I am so hopeless."

Xiva was worried about his little sister, he still felt guilty about the chaos her life had become. If he hadn't planted the thought Vali was safer in the human realm in their parent's minds. She wouldn't have to face this problem and Zarin won't have ruined the plan. Everything was his entire fault, breaking the traditional rule and making Zarin and Vali talk and play when they shouldn't have. He should have listened to her when she had said Zarin had become power crazy, but no they all had thought her weird, rude, mannerless and different because of the way she acted. When it was no other than their fault, wiping her culture and life from her when she was a little child and left her in another realm so different and mundane compared to their own.

What he had failed to notice was how Vali was a free spirit, who did what she wanted if she deemed right, wasn't selfish and actually a beautiful young girl, who was so unlike the girls in the human realms her age. Only she never was a good judge of character in that her naïveté shone brightly.

The only good it brought her was protection from her true being and the horrors of which if it got out and the dreadful outcomes if people found out about her being a goddess. The most powerful of all Jivs in plenty of millenniums.

He sensed it, she was very much upset. Ever since he had linked himself to her, he could usually feel her emotions when he wanted to, and despite all that was happening, wherever she had gone to hide, was bringing her happiness that the people that had meant to care and love her had failed and deprived her of. But now he was not even thinking of sensing her, but he felt it because of how powerful the volume of her displeasure had begotten. He had to try and comfort her, he always hated her unhappy.


"Not now, Xiva."

"Why are you crying? What has upset you so much?"

"This cursed life you have brought upon me is what. I can know not happiness, with the life you have beseeched upon me, without a choosing of mine."

"I am simply being your brother now and only seek to comfort you."

"I have fallen in love. There are you happy now!"

That shocked him, he wasn't expecting this to happen and if Zarin ever found out about this, it would mean the death of her beloved. But being in love with someone, meant one had to be happy but not this miserable.

"Vali, of course, I am happy for you, but I only worry about Zarin knowing of this."

"That is the matter. Zarin can hurt him. I don't know why you can't just put an end to this madness. I will never marry him, not only is he power hungry and is going to use me if he ever marries me. He hurt me more than I can imagine deceiving me into falling for someone that didn't exist."

"We were all fooled by him. Dear sister, worry no more. Just be happy, only if you could tell me where you are so I can protect you before Zarin finds you."

"I can't be happy. I have my people to rule, with you wanting nothing to do with the throne."

"It has to be that way, it is your destiny."

"Not with Zarin. To hell with your stupid prophecy and destiny! I am so miserable."

"Don't be bitter, I just pray you show me your location before Zarin finds you first and he knows his ways."

"I'll be careful, now leave me alone to mope to myself."

"Try to be happy and I can assure you when the time comes, you'll be more than capable of protecting your beloved."

"Whatever Xiva, get out of my head now."

Carrie picked herself up from the ground where she had curled herself into a ball and made her way to the fridge to find something to eat. She won't admit it but her brother had managed to cheer her up a bit with his last statement.

She could protect Liam and everyone from whatever that came for her. She no longer fainted when Xiva spoke to her after the novelty of it wore off and he found out about the outcomes his entering her head did to her. He had been more than sorry.

She loved Xiva and knew she would always forgive him for whatever he always had been on the lookout for what was best for her. But no way would she tell anyone where she was and make them leave a paper trail behind that would lead Zarin to her.

"Why does that boy like to run, when he does something so big?" She questioned herself smiling. She ate and cleaned up, and prepared for bed. Feeling cheerful and a lot happier about being in love with Liam and willing to give love another go. By the time she tucked herself in her bed, she fell straight asleep, like she had no worries in the world and everything was become normal again for once in her life.

The next morning, she cheerfully left the Kimber's house when Lenard and Mera arrived. They also were surprised to see her in such a cheerful mood, especially with Liam not being around, which they were going to ask her about, but thought better of it and let her go.

Carrie thought Liam would have been back and still be asleep, so she hadn't bothered disturbing him, knowing he would come and find her later in the day. Cause he couldn't stay away from her for long. Well, she was betting and putting all her money on him coming to work things out for them.

She let out a loud heart ripping scream, that echoed through the forest, her body shaking and quivering in fear as she slowly approached her front porch to a badly beaten and passed out Liam, with black and purplish bruises covering his exposed skin. It took everything in her not to heal him and she rushed to his side.

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