Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


21. Disaster date

"I am a Jivs and I am from earth. Earth is divided into two realms or dimensions, one what we know as the Mundane realm, which is here, where nothing is meant to be supernatural, meaning no vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks or wizards and all the other supernatural fairy tales or horror beings aren't meant to be here, the people of the Mundane realm are totally human and cannot perform or do anything out of the ordinary. The second realm is the Jivs realm, where all things supernatural and mythical are from, were born. That is where I am from and so are you all-"

"I guess that she is your mate Liam and all but, what she's saying now is utter bullshit, you don't even know us and you're telling us where we are from."

Sylvia rudely interrupted Carrie's explanation, Liam growled at her, but Lenard stopped him from doing anything harsh. he knew everyone was having mixed feelings about what she was saying and they couldn't believe her because they hadn't seen what she could do, only people who believed her fully where him and everyone in his family and Matt and Dan, others like her friends Nikki, Blaine, Bambi and the twins wanted to believe her but they had no proof. The others being the older generation of wolves didn't believe her and were now angry at her saying that this planet or realm which they inhabited wasn't their home when generations of their families had been living here for centuries.

"Sylvia restrain yourself and let her finish explaining herself."

Carrie although now a member of the pack and a mate of a fellow pack member, couldn't be harmed, but she had to explain herself, has she was now considered a threat to the pack, someone who had come to them under false pretence of who she really was, has she had successfully integrated herself with the teen wolves of the society. Although she seemed to have nothing but good intentions, she still had to be put before the wolves.

Carrie was annoyed, ever since the night that Zarin, had gotten inside her head, she had been unable to control her powers and any little thing right now could set her off. The hostility she was receiving from many of the wolves wasn't helping. Liam had been able to turn back to Human form when she thought about it and concentrated on it, she hadn't meant to lock him in that state. But he had been just happy to be able to hold her in his arms again before they went back to her cabin and proceeded to spend the rest of the day snuggling and kissing each other.

Liam rubbed the back of her hand soothingly and she squeezed his hand, in thanks and continued talking, only because of Liam had she been able to rein her power a little bit. But she was scared Liam would think her a liar or worse hate her by the time she was done with explaining almost everything to them.

"You are all from the Jivs realm. I know this because it's my duty to know everything about the Jivs realm. I am sorry I didn't tell you about what and where I am from because I was simply protecting myself from being found, by the people who are after me. It was safer without you people knowing who I am, but I failed because I integrated myself with you and got to know most of you."

"Sorry, little girl but I think you're delusional."

Carrie ignored the man that had spoken and proceeded to say in a rush, seeing how some people were starting to get up to leave. "My real name isn't Carrie Kiss. I acquired that name when I came back to this realm, my real name is Vali Jivs."

"Doesn't make a difference to us."

A woman said and most people started to get up to leave. Liam's hold on her hand had slackened and she couldn't bring herself to look at him, knowing she had kept such a vital secret from him, and dropped it on everyone like a bomb.


Lenard commanded, no one could defy their Alpha so they did has they were told and Lenard turned curious believing eyes on Carrie or Vali, whichever her name was, has he quickly worked all she had said together.

"Vali Jivs, and you're a Jivs... is that everyone in that realms surname? Who and what are you running from."

Carrie burst into tears has she knew she couldn't lie any more or evade anything, her heart rate had increased and she faced Lenard, ready to face the slaughter that would surely come her way when she was done speaking.

"No not everyone has the surname, only the royal, ruling family."

Some people let out loud disbelieving scoffs and grunts, while Lenard just watched her, wondering why she was crying, he looked at his son stunned, and blank face and prodded her to speak.

"You're from the royal family?"


"So why are you running? Aren't they guards to protect you from all that is evil?"

"They are, but...My parents were forced to leave the throne or face their deaths, so someone else could rule and command the army."

"So you left everything you know and ran? What about your family."

"He won't kill them, He is using them as bait for me to come back to him."

"Why would he want you to come back to him?"

"We are betrothed."

Liam got up and left, he had snatched his hand away from hers like he had been burned and left, everywhere and everyone was silent now, except her small sobs, she looked at Lenard waiting for her verdict.

"You're a whore."

"You should be a storyteller."

"You're unworthy to be one of us."

"Just send her packing"

The comments came, hitting her really hard. Lenard was still at a loss for words. Carrie couldn't stand it anymore, everything was too much for her to take. Matt and Dan wisely ran while they still could, noticing the signs of a powerful outburst, but the other wolves, were ready to attack her, while Nikki and the rest had conflicted feelings, torn between comforting her or Liam.


She screamed, everyone stilled. Nothing moved, they were all locked in that position, unable to move, the only animate thing about anyone near her were their eyes, which were spiked with fear. They had thought she was lying and belittled her, how dare they?

"You should be ashamed of yourselves. I am not stupid, nor am I lying. You don't want to believe me fine, I don't care. But don't insult me or my intelligence. I may be small, but I can take you all down with the blink of my eye. Go on, say shit to me, go on."

She looked at them, knowing fully they couldn't do anything to her. They had unlocked her anger and she was steaming now, worse now because she knew Liam was mad at her and she didn't even know how she would make him forgive her. It's one thing being in love with someone and the person loving you back, but it's a big thing when you hide the fact that you're engaged to somebody else.

"I came here to protect my family, myself and the world. I was cursed enough, to be born, the most powerful Jivs of all in millenniums. I can do absolutely anything and whoever I get married to will share my power with me. But why would I marry, someone who would just use me? Someone who used me. I came here to escape to start afresh to forget, but I guess my time is up. I'll find somewhere else."

She teleported to her cabin and locked up everything. She had released them from their locked state when she disappeared. She curled into her bed and cried herself out. Praying Liam would come searching for her because the only person the cabin would allow approach it now was Liam.

But Liam didn't come, no one came to find her. She just wanted to drown in her tears.

"Vali, I'm almost where you are, just hold on."

"What is the point, everything is ruined. Zarin will soon find me, just go and protect mother and father."

"You're my baby sister and you're hurting, I won't leave you alone again."

"When will Zarin get here?"

"In about a months' time."

"Good, just protect these wolves, they took care of me, I'm going to leave soon, I'm not wanted here anymore."

"Why what happened?"

And she broke down, spilling and telling her brother all that has happened, and how heartbroken she felt, especially about Liam. She couldn't face anyone, she didn't want to see them judging her or worse being afraid her. She didn't even know if she was strong enough to start again.

The only thing she knew was, she wouldn't back down anymore, now that her powers were fully awakened, she didn't intend to let them lie dormant again. She wouldn't hide from Zarin anymore, she would fight him back when the time came but now she would start afresh again, somewhere else and not interact or mix with the people.

"Vali no matter what just wait for me."

"Xiva, I can't...Liam can't even face me."

"Then he didn't love you enough."

"Don't say that. I can't survive another heartbreak, don't let me lose the last of my hope, don't make me turn to the dark side."

"Forgive me Vali."

"Get out of my head."

He didn't wait to be told twice.

Everyone that had tried going near Carrie's cabin, got thrown away with so much force and instantly shifted into wolf form and were trapped that way, when it had happened to a number of them and they couldn't shift back, they stopped trying to go near it, but stayed nearby just in case, Carrie would come out. No one knew where Liam had disappeared to and Lenard was frustrated because he knew only Liam could end the madness that was going on.

He needed to talk to Carrie because he and Mera now understood what was happening. If Carrie stayed, they wouldn't be able to stop the forces that would come for her, if Carrie was an example of a Jivs, then they couldn't really protect themselves from the attack. More frustrating he was stuck in wolf form.

He had sent the next strongest members of the pack to find Liam and bring him back and this was the third day, he was getting frustrated and running madly out of his mind. He would even send Lace or Lee, but he was afraid of what the blast might do to their incompletely developed forms. No matter the shouting and calls, Carrie didn't respond.

They brought a struggling Liam towards him and he didn't wait, they threw him with all their might towards Carrie's cabin, he changed into wolf form right before he hit the ground, but he was inside, where they couldn't get and the shield hadn't hurled him away.

"Go and make peace with your mate and stop this madness, Liam. You won't have bonded if she didn't love you."

Lenard instructed his son, who had changed back into human form. Liam was fuming, but he had to listen to his father. He knew he had just been buying time, there was no way in hell he wouldn't have gone back to Carrie, he just needed to get his head cleared and let the feelings of betrayal reduce, before he would have done something he would have regretted later. He listened to his father telling him about what had occurred after he left and he was left stunned and angry on behalf of Carrie. He turned his back on everyone and made it towards her front door, little confidence left in him, knowing, he was the only one she hadn't locked out, despite the fact that he had hurt her by simply running...when would he stop running?

Once he got on her front porch, he lifted his hand ready to knock, but he hesitated, took in a breath of fresh air, before he proceeded to knock, that's when he smelt her and felt the awareness he always did when she was nearby. She had been waiting for him

Carrie had felt him when he entered her ring of protection, she had flown downstairs to the door, waiting for his knock, she had wiped her tears away and tried to make herself a little presentable but she didn't care, she was just happy he had come.

She could sense him at her door, knew he was hesitating when she was about to open the door, he knocked and her heart hammered in her chest, slowly she willed herself to move and she opened the door, to look into the tired, broken and worn face of her love.

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