Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


13. Deciphering

Hath darkness seep into the sky;

A quaint full moon shall arise.

Thy great O tree shall quake,

The earth below and heavens above.

Hither a deity shalt wrought.

A little girl was sneaking around the secret passages of a palace, late at night with an older boy who looked like her, adoration and love worn deep between the two and a bond so beautiful and unbreakable in both of their attitudes towards each other.

"Father and mother will be angered if they ever find out."

The older boy said cautiously to the little girl, who huffed loudly and said: "I know, Zarin won't be my betrothed anymore, be banished and then the three of you will pick someone else."

"It is the law Vali and you know it, I don't even know why I indulge you and Zarin in your secret meetings."

Xiva asked himself for the hundredth time. But he knew why his little sister was living a life of isolation because of the fate her destiny had bestowed upon her. Even she didn't know it, knowing she wasn't normal like the rest of them, she held within herself more power than the whole Jivs put together, she alone could withstand the brunt of a whole world and hence why she needed to be protected at all cost.

Zarin also knew no one his age and born into Jivs royalty, it made him the first choice and the major suitor for Vali. Zarin being betrothed to the Princess had to live within the palace. Being a Princess is tough on its own, the princess had no right to choose who she got married to or was allowed to date or socialise with the opposite sex until she was married. She would have little choice in the occurrence of her life, but for Vali, it was tonnes worse.

While he being the firstborn made it easy for him, he could choose whoever he wanted and do whatever he liked, it was the privilege of all first born sons of all noble royal Jivs; while all the second born sons had a life similar to that of a royal princess, with only a few slacks for them.

So when he once spotted Zarin and Vali playing one day, he had taken it upon himself for them to meet up at a convenient time to do as they pleased without anyone being the wiser. He had left them in the safe sanctuary to do as they pleased. Not knowing these little secret meetings would cause a lot of damage in the near future when they took Vali away from Zarin, with no explanation. As they also forbade everyone to ever speak of her again, like she was dead... but there never was any burial so no one could say what had happened to their princess.

Until she had come back, causing a flurry uproar amongst the Jivs.

A young, beautiful and naïve lady of the age seventeen who had stupidly fallen in love with a Zarin that was of no more. All the while he had spent teaching and making her trust and fall him enough to come back to the Jivs realm, where she could take her rightful throne and a promise of eternity together. Until she learnt it had all been lies he had fed to her, he wasn't in love with her, no the once sweet boy she knew had died when her family practically proclaimed her dead to their people. But he learnt about her prophecy and it was the strength and powers within her, he was in love with not her, but what he believed he could use her to accomplish.

She had cried to her parents and brother when she found out Zarin's true motive but they had turned a deaf ear. Nobody would listen to her saying she should never have come back when they never came for her, but how was she to know, when months ago she never knew the Jivs or supernatural things really existed. They had wiped her memory clean of everything she had been born with and had trusted Zarin in his wordings, when after all he had been the one who had been there for her when she was going through a non-human phase and had been freaking out and Roni, the one person she knew so well and had spent all of her life with had been forbidden to talk to her and banished to the Jivs abyss of hell for failing in protecting her from Zarin who should never have found her, if she hadn't used her powers for a petty reason.

When it was too late, was when her family saw how crazed Zarin had begotten, he planned a coup and overthrew her parents from the throne seizing the Jivs world and becoming their king, ready to marry Vali, because once a Jivs King chose and married his queen, he had the right to use her power. So Vali had done the only thing possible she had fled the Jivs realm for that of the sane and human one she knew and loved. She couldn't go back to the only place she knew has her home or put her friends at risk with Zarin, so she couldn't go home; she had to run away start afresh, knowing as long as she never used her powers she would never be discovered.


Bambi sat with Liam listening to his moaning about how complicated the process of mating was. He was ranting to Bambi because she was the only one available; Carrie was busy getting dressed for their date and he didn't want to go keep her company in his wolf form and then know of her foreplans for the evening, she did tend to tell the wolf everything she went through, tend to have done or want. Which was extremely cute and really trusting of her, but honestly who was a wolf going to spill her secrets to. All the others were out, while the couples were obviously together doing what he knew he didn't want to know. Besides Bambi should know, she was going through the same thing as he was, choosing a human mate. But at least easier for her because she and her mate had completely bonded and the only thing left to make them truly mates was their coupling or should he be cruder heating up the sheets i.e. sexing it up.

"She has always crushed on you, it wasn't blind to see. Hell, even you, we all knew you liked her more than you usually allowed yourself to with other girls, that's why Sylvia hates her."

"It's sad, that she loves the animal in me and not the man I am."

"Who is the dumb person that tries to woo a human girl in wolf form and be a prick of a being to her when in person?"

"You guys won't ever let it go will ya?"

"Nah! It's a pretty cute story if you ask me."

"Fuck it, with the cute. I need to completely bond with her and think of a way to confess to her that we're all really wolves. I can only imagine how mad she would be when she finds out I am her wolf."

"Yes, you'd be fucked. I mean she even lets you in there when she's changing, you bastard."

He stuck his tongue out at Bambi "It's not something; I won't get to see eventually." He retorted, but it was true He would see her in her birthday suit when they both mated. He couldn't even wait for it, the kisses he had shared with her still left his body reeling and in anticipation whenever he thought of them.

"So what kind of date have you planned?"

"One where I ask her to be my girlfriend and profess my never dying love for her. Nah, it's too soon don't want to spook her off and Lee and Jazzy would kill me if she actually leaves, especially Lee... he seems to be extremely taken by her."

Bambi scoffed and rolled her eyes before adding "As if you could live with yourself knowing your mate is angry and hurt because of you, or could stand the weight and pressure of not having your mate nearby and not knowing if your other half is safe and secure."

"To hell with talking to you, you sarcastic cute garbage." He said to her, pulling her cheeks hard as he stood up to leave, of course, Bambi had slapped his hands away quite painfully, making the area sting. It was high time he started heading for Carrie's if he wanted to arrive at her place prompt and early for the date that shall change the course of their relationship.

Has night time arrives

A beautiful moon will arise

The great old tree would quiver and shake

The earth below it (ground) and heavens above (sky and heavenly bodies i.e. the moon, stars etc.)

Here a goddess will be born.

- Lara Kareem

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