Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


25. Battleground

Zarin could smell his betrothed of course, but couldn't sense the energy that was her. Everywhere looked deserted apart from a trail smell, that consisted of the wolves and a fading scent that belonged to no other than Vali. Finally, after all this while, he had come to her layer. He led his troops in the direction that her scent came from, smelling the strongest.

If he wasn't so excited about finally tracking her lair, he would have noticed that he was not the only powerful Jivs around. All his focus was on locating Vali's lair and discovering it, despite the great power she had used in locking its location away from him, the only thing he could sense now was her fading scent.

The march came to an end in a clearing that had so much of her scent, when he sensed all the wolves of the town were also in that clearing, seemingly waiting for his arrival.

He smiled at them all, like they were allies, swooping down in a royal bow, before proceeding to speak.

"I'm King Zarin of the Jivs and I am here to take back, what you have taken from me. Give it to me and I shall leave peaceful. Do not and suffer the consequences."

"We don't have what you want."

Lenard said stepping out, like the Alpha he was, it was his duty to protect and lead the wolves of the Oregon County. If he was scared or intimidated he didn't show it and stood his ground, in front of all the wolves in his pack.

"Ah! I see you're the Alpha for this pack. You don't want to mess with me or worse lie to me."

Some of the wolves were quivering with fear, Zarin and his army looked more than dangerous, in fact, they looked impressive. All the wolves also knew they would not even stand a chance against Zarin, not to talk about his whole army. After all, Carrie had been able to freeze them with so much ease and had them at her mercy with a blink of her eye.

"But she's not here."

Nikki's voice sounded clearer than ever in the deafening silence. A great show of bravery, that even the elder wolves could not claim to own. The atmosphere tensed and thickened with uneasy tension, as everyone was waiting for the inevitable.

Zarin started laughing, like a mad manic and what went through the minds of the wolves was he was a right loony.

"Of course I know she's not here. She's with me. I am here to find who it is that has taken my share of her power."

At his statement two things happened with great succession at the same time, Xiva revealed himself, while Liam lunged at Zarin in his wolf form.

Zarin paused Liam mid-air as he was to come down to land on him, for some seconds before waving his hand aside, which sent the frozen wolf sailing through the air and crashing through the trees in the forest.

"What have you done to my sister?"

Zarin's eyebrow shot up when he saw Xiva, surprised because he hadn't sensed him nor had he expected him in the least.

"Wow, well played Xiva who would have thought you would have found her first."

"Zarin quit messing around. My sister?"


Carrie's voice came into Xiva's mind, communicating with him. Despite her body and all of her powers being frozen, she could still reach out into people's minds to speak with whomever or just to know what was happening with them. But still, she couldn't do anything. She felt everything that Liam felt his anger, fear and the pain he felt as he crashed through the trees with such a powerful force he had lost consciousness, long before the wolf stopped crashing through the forest trees. The only good thing about him being unconscious was the fact that he would not feel any more pain and also Zarin would not sense now that he was the one with the power he sought after. Mating with Liam had been marrying him, which meant her powers had been shared with him and if Liam was killed the power would be all hers again. But Zarin thought he could actually get her to share her powers with him, by marrying her, when simply if Liam died, she would kill him and make sure the realms suffered immensely for his death.

"Where is she?"

"Now why would I tell you that?"

"You're right, why would you tell me."

"Glad to see you're catching up real fast."

"You have to go through me if you think you are going to destroy this pack of wolves and their home."

"You and what army Xiva? It will be more than a delayed pleasure killing them."

Xiva turned to face the wolves, who were now changing into wolf form and addressed them.

"I am Prince Xiva Jivs of the Jivs. My sister had my word when I said I would protect you to m-"

"Hurry up with your theatrics and goodbyes already" Zarin Interrupted

"To my dying breath. But I shall give you what those other wolves didn't have the power to defend themselves."

Xiva lifted his arms in the direction of the wolves, he felt his power bubbling within him, and with a powerful surge the power left his body and deposited itself into the wolves. He had given them enough power to help them defeat the Jivs army and also made sure no spell would affect them, the wolves and the Jivs army had to engage in physical battle. Any of the wolves who tried taking on Zarin or him would have another thing coming.

Nikki and Blaine had used the opportunity that presented itself when Xiva and Zarin had been exchanging words intensely, to get to Liam and try to revive him. The damage to the forest was lethal, meaning reviving Liam would take a while, with his body so down. Liam's body would need protection till he woke up and Blaine and Nikki were going to be the protection, for the sake of their friendship with Carrie and also Liam.

Lenard would have been at Liam's side instantly but he had his people to save and also keeping Zarin distracted enough, especially now knowing that Zarin did not even seek Carrie, but his own son. He would never surrender his son to an evil bastard.

"Liam! Come on, I know you can hear me!"

Carrie screamed, in the land of unconsciousness. She was inside Liam's mind but she couldn't hear him nor could she find or reach him, and she was panicking because she had been calling him for a while now.

"Liam, please you're the only one who can end this and save me."

Carrie cried brokenly. He just had to be okay, her wolf was the toughest and thickest and he would never leave her alone when she needed him the most. He would never betray her like that, she knew this because she had faith in him.


"Yes! Liam, it's me."

"Where are you, I can't get to you. I need you."

"Soon Liam, I need you to be strong for me now."

"I'd do anything for you, there's no limit."

Her heart ached, she needed him too and she couldn't do anything or get to him when he was hurt she was equally as bad as he was right now. She laughed at what a pathetic couple they were.

"You need to wake up Liam and end this."


"You're my husband."

"I don't remember us getting married."

"We didn't, but in wolfman world, which is your world. Mating is the eternal bonding of two souls together forever, which in Jivs world classifies as a marriage, even without the ceremony. "

"I miss you, wife."

At that moment, both could feel the happiness they brought to each other despite their current circumstances.

"You're now the most powerful wolf of all times. You share my power with me, so with your brutal strength and now with my powers, you can defeat Zarin."

"Even if I have your powers, he just knocked me out cold, I am weak and I don't know how to use them."

"That's why I need you to wake up."

"That still doesn't explain anything Kissie."

"Our souls are bonded, we are one. We fight as one. I will lead the power, we will be in tune which each other, you with your brutal strength, no one can stop us."

"I trust you. But how do I wake up?"

"That's up to you."

Chaos was everywhere. The wolves and Jivs army fought mercilessly, but with so much brute strength. The serene and calm that was Carrie's forest sanctuary was in upheave and no longer the same. Nature was being destroyed at every turn and the ground ruined with holes and earth scattered around. As both wolves and Jivs fought.

Zarin was getting tired of the games he and Xiva were playing, he had managed to land some painful hits on Xiva and Xiva had returned the favour. He just wanted to find the bastard who had the guts to marry his love and steal her away from him but not only that the person took away the power that was rightfully his. Killing him would bring him so much joy and he would have his happily ever after. He couldn't kill Xiva, he liked the man even if he was a pain in his behind. So hence this stupid game of trying to hit each other and blocking. He owed Xiva his happy childhood and also the perishing of it. Now only if he could land a stunning spell on Xiva, so he could invest his power in finding the man he wanted to kill and get over with the war.

Liam's body was regaining consciousness and he smirked. Yes, he could get involved with the fight, and both he and Kissie could kick ass. He waited to feel life in all parts of his wolf body, before he sprang up, and shook his whole self.

You're such a canine Liam.

Watch it, babe, you're married to one.

Whatever, you ready love?

As I will ever be. I can feel you in me this is awesome.

We're the super couple. Let's go.

"Liam! Oh, thank goodness. Took you long enough."

Liam and Carrie both took in their surrounding then and noticed they weren't alone. Nikki and Blaine's wolf looking relieved, faced Liam's wolf.

They were protecting your body from danger. They felt it was their duty to you and also me, kind of an olive branch for forgiveness, I say we take it and go fight.

"Well, come on then let's go join the fight."

"Are you sure you're okay though?" Nikki asked concerned, which wasn't misplaced he took a mighty crash, which was hurtful even to a big and powerful wolfman.

"Never better."

Was Liam's reply, a smile taking over his wolf face, and he took off running at full speed, Carrie was working her powers. At the rate, he was running which was extremely fast, but with Carrie there, at this rate, he was close to invisible.

Nikki and Blaine hadn't even moved because they were in shock, never ever had they seen Liam or any other wolf run at the speed of invisibility. Liam wasn't merely a wolf, he was more powerful than anything they had seen. They didn't know who they could pin the blame on, either Carrie blessed him with powers or the hit Zarin sent Liam's way, gave him some of his powers.

Kissie, how am I going to save you? I don't even know where you are.

Just, worry about Zarin. We need to fight him, take him on. We need him at his weakest, so then I can drain him off all his power and he becomes as powerless as a mere human. Then the war can stop, the army will follow your lead and we win this war.

You sure about this, Vali?

I don't like that name from your mouth, I officially go by Carrie Kiss now.

You mean Kimber, wife.

Whatever we are on battleground now.

Liam and Carrie took in the land that had been Carrie's sanctuary and the mess and war zone it had turn to now. Xiva and Zarin couldn't be supported, but Carrie had that under control, she led Liam away from the battleground, to the back of the cabin, where Zarin and Xiva looked like they were having a colourful game of pass the colourful fireball.

Babe, you ready to end this once and for all?

He's an ex in need of a serious lesson, let's do this.

Zarin and Xiva both stopped attacking each other when they felt the powerful essence of another being that withheld so much power within. Xiva was shocked to see Liam's wolf standing there, even more, so the power he possessed it was even more powerful than his own.

Zarin, on the other hand, smiled at the wolf and spoke, in a mocking tone to it.

"Came to surrender yourself to me I see."

Liam just growled while Carrie scoffed. Together they lunged at Zarin. Zarin laughed and tried to wave the wolf off with his hand, but nothing happened his eyes widened when the wolf sailed perfectly through the air and onto him, growling in his face.

Look at that love, he thought he could just wave me away like before.

He doesn't know, you've got me the goddess protecting you.

Can I have a go at him, I want to fight him in my human form.

That's my man, my wolf has done more than enough already.

Zarin was struggling with the wolf which had him pinned down and no matter what he tried he couldn't get the wolf off him. He watched the wolf change form, into a young beautiful man. He hated him more when he saw how perfect he looked and why Carrie would have easily fallen for him, and allowed him to steal her from him.

"I'm Liam Kimber and you're messing with the wrong pack."

Liam with the power that was Carrie, started beating Zarin up. Till Zarin had no choice to resort to defending himself without his powers.

Lee and Lace were more than restless, the nanny had tried her best subduing them, but no matter what she did, they challenged her, until Jasmine sat down in a corner, concentrating really hard, on her mind power. She instructed her nanny to go to sleep, for thirty minutes she sat with all her concentration, till her nanny dropped onto the floor into a deep slumber.

Lee high-fived his sister, and together they escaped from their child's dream prison, wanting to make sure everyone was okay, and see if they could help.


All heads turned to look at Lee and Jasmine. Xiva groaned, why couldn't children listen to simple instructions? Liam and Carrie were both frozen in fear, not the little ones. Zarin used this as an opportunity to try and assess some control back on his side, with a wave of his hand, both Lee and Lace were set flying in the air.

Xiva went off to catch them, while Liam and Carrie watched in shock, because of their stunned states. Zarin was able to send them flying off him. When the kids were safe in Xiva's arm. Liam and Carrie turned on Xiva with a vengeance.

Zarin didn't know what hit him. Carrie hit him spell after spell, Liam stood there glaring at Zarin, watching him crumble slowly, falling first to one knee before the other went down. Then did Liam start moving closer to him. Zarin was on the floor seemingly too weak to do anything, and all he knew was Liam Kimber was causing this. His power was draining from his body, no matter how hard he tried to hold on to it, it was leaving his body, when he knew he had no more hope and he had truly lost, fear hit his whole body.

"You lost. Zarin and I can finally throw you into the abyss."

Carrie said in her own body. She had freed herself and was standing beside Liam once again, in his arms.

Zarin sat up and tried using his powers but nothing happened. He screamed in frustration, which proceeded to make Xiva, Liam and Carrie laugh.

"Horrible isn't it? To be so powerless. You're nothing but a mere human now."

The war was over, Carrie had won...She and Liam had nothing to fear now. She hugged Liam tightly, while tears fell from her eyes.

"Thank you, Liam."

"I love you, lady."

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