Shift in Reality

Carrie Kiss is the new girl in a perfectly normal town or so it seems. Living beside the woods has been the ideal scenery for starting anew. That is until she gets an unexpected guest. Because Carrie has a secret. One that has her running away from everything she once knew and believed.

Liam Kimber is the resident badass. Somewhat of a loner, no one dares to cross him at least if they value their life. Apart from being the son of an Alpha, he is the strongest and most brutal werewolf of them all.

What happens when these two people, both attempting to escape their destiny, cross paths? Let's just say, sparks will fly.


9. A new change

The Kimber's were making her stay until Sunday in their house with Liam Kimber, who they ensured her wouldn't be leaving her. It was the last thing she wanted to happen, with him being around her for that long, she would be a nervous wreck since she was now bipolar and had a crush on a dick. Who was mean to her every other minute then came to her rescue whenever she needed saving. Where was he anyway? Mera and Lenard had left more than an hour ago and he hadn't even appeared. Typical of him to go back to hating her and not wanting to be around her after saving her

"Hi Kiss, sorry I'm late got held back."

She had spoken too soon, he had arrived and so had her heartbeat risen, gosh wasn't she obvious? Wait hold up did he just apologise for being late and he wasn't even ignoring her presence? She nodded her head at him and went to check on Lace and Lee. She had left them watching TV, those two were like cartoon addicts they could stay put with their eyes glued to the TV screen all day if they were allowed to.

"C'mon guys, Liam is here," she said to them, but they didn't move aww, didn't they just love their brother. Suddenly they both stood up and faced me, startled looks on their faces. This never happened she was in shock and even scared on how they moved in sync without even communicating with each other. Lee looked like he was about to cry but held it back in and Lace just said in a miffed tone "What is so important with Liam being here?"

"Oooow!" Lace clutched both of her ears, she rushed to her and quickly asked her for what was wrong but she just shook her head and looked at her to say "Liam is mean." she smiled at her nodding her head while she replied her "I know darling." she started wiping at her face which had tears falling from her eyes.

"Quit gossiping about me and let's go have fun," Liam said from behind them, she didn't bother looking at him if he heard them he deserved it. "Where are you taking us?" she couldn't answer because she didn't know where they were going anywhere; she just knew that since Liam was here, the kids and she could plan out the week together and make a timetable to follow. "The amusement park, it's leaving tomorrow and none of you three has even bothered to go there." The little Kimber's instantly brightened up TV forgotten. Liam winked at her. What was the hell going on?

Liam remained nice to her throughout the trip, he even tried making conversation with her, but she was too scared to say anything big because it would hurt too much if she let herself believe he was changing and then he would just revert to being mean to her again. The amusement park was a good idea because once she got the little Kimber's bathed and dressed for the night and put them in bed, they instantly fell asleep.

This was the part of the night that left her feeling a little unsettled. Liam had never been around by this time and now that he was, she didn't know what to do, should she try talking to him, or should she leave him alone, he could have just been nice to her because of his siblings. Her stomach growled and made the decision for her, she was going to the kitchen to cook her up a meal.

Liam was nowhere to be found downstairs so that meant he would be in his room, she decided to be nice and made a meal for both of them. When her iPhone started ringing, this was why she had to buy herself another phone and open a new bank account and all those necessary things under the name Carrie Kiss, and of course, she had money, she emptied her old bank account and switched banks.

The number was unknown but she was sure it was an Oregon number, so she answered.


"Yeah, it is me, Tony?"

"Yeah, I got your number from Nikki, well I stole it, but I hope it's cool?"

Funny, why did he have to steal her number, he could just have asked her and she would have given him gladly. "It's cool no worries, just pray Nikki won't kill you when I tell her." He groaned and she giggled.

"Why do girls have to tell each other everything?"

"Ah, so it won't be like we are choosing boys over our friendship." She said to him smiling. She didn't know she just liked talking to Tony, he was a hot layback guy, who listened to her talk and didn't ignore her like Liam or had his tongue down a girl's throat either. She had an acute crush on him, but the jerk Liam had more points than him and she didn't even know why.

"I wanted to know what you'd be doing this Friday night."

"I will be babysitting the little Kimber's."

"I thought you were free Fridays through Mondays?"

"Mera and Lenard have to be gone longer, so I'm going back home on Sunday. Why?"

"I was going to ask you on a date but I guess it has to wait now."

Did he just say that he was going to ask her on a date, she felt her face burn and she knew she was blushing, she would love to go on a date with him, in fact, he could be the solution to getting Liam out of her system. She was about to answer him when a voice said.

"Go, I'll cover for you on Friday."

She turned back to see Liam seating on the kitchen table. How the hell did he hear what they were talking about, her phone didn't even have the loudspeaker button on. She felt her heart sink when he told her to go. He clearly would never have a crush on her. "I guess I can go on that date with you now, Liam just said he would cover for me."


"Yeah...or have you changed your mind?"

"No! I'm just shocked Liam said that, well never mind that. I can't wait, I'll come pick you up then? And of course, I'll see you around."

"Yeah, wait what should I wear?"

"What is it with you girls asking that? Wear anything you like."

"Well, what kind of date are we going on."

"Nothing too fancy I suppose."

"Alright then, night."

"You too, sleep well."

She ended the call and turned to Liam and beamed at him. "Thank you!" he just nodded his head avoiding looking at her. "I made us some noodles." She said to him shyly, he looked at her then and beamed also. "I was wondering how you were going to finish that whole pot."

He got two plates and they split the food, eating and talking freely. He wasn't really bad; the rest of the Kimber's were adorable and sweet so he had to have a sweet personality down there. He even made her laugh a couple of times and she was more than comfortable in his presence. The only thing was that her heart ached for him wanting her to go on a date with someone else. Which was stupid because he didn't like her.

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