The Tunneling of the Capital

A young boy who lives in the same timeperiod as Katnis in the HungerGames, is elected for a game similar to the Hunger Games. This contry is new Russia where in world war 1 the Alies lost to Germany. Now in the future, lives a 16 year old boy named Lark Katecher. His Father plotted a plan for him to be able to slip around the rules of the games and have a chance of winning them. In the Games the 8 elected tributes from each sectors(4 total each being ruled by new Germany) will be forced into a tunnel 100 miles long. They need to navigate and fight the other tributes and threates that they will encounter. Lark will have 50 days to complete the tunnel or he will be locked in forever. He will be betrayed, friended,lost,lonely,loved and hated. His chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer as the Queen is tearing the Sectors apart to search for the Rebel members. His struggles only get worse on the Solstice(when they are elected) as he finds fellow class mates elected alongside with him....


1. Story line and information on the Games and TimePeriod.

  This content is based out of the world of Paname. Having been set to the future, it's is also set to a inverse reality based on the same time period as the Hunger Games. It is focused on the Soviet Union in which they lost World War 2 and had Germany ruling Russia and the other European countries. They now have control over half of the East. Being brutal and unfair to the old Allies they divided the Country game upon four Sectors. Germany Ruling 1 and 2 and number 3 and 4 all of them ruling in parts of Russia.
    They punish the four sectors by putting them in a "Game" similar to the Hunger Games. They will have all the Sector rulers have their people pick their Tributes from the ages of 13 to 21. Each Sector picks 8 tributes to complete a Game in which they have to be put in a game against the other Tributes. They will have one week to train in their Sectors training lodge. They game consist on the Tributes on having to go through the Capital of Germany on a Parade and be set fourth through the center of the Capital Castle. They will be sent down a tunnel to the starting point. In the room before the tunnel they will be stripped into their under garments and be put in another room with equipment to use on other tributes and on other predators. Only mid evil equipment will be used. They will have ten minutes to choose. After they have picked their equipment they will be put on the staring platforms. All tributes from their Sector with be starting together. Starting together, they will be released and be set free down a Hundred mile tunnel. At the five mile mark, they will end up at an intersection in which all the Sector's tributes will end up. All coming from different tunnels and ending in the same intersection they will either fight or team. 
  The object is simple; 
Survive the Tunnel and live a peaceful life. Or be trapped in the tunnel and killed. The Tributes may kill each other and use any method possible. At every twenty-five mile mark, there will be a G.A.R. which stands for Game Area Restock which has equipment for remaining Tributes.  They will have 50 days to reach the end. If the end is not reached the ones who have not died will be found and killed. The Sector Rulers will watch from Germany's Capital Castle. The members from all sectors will be forced to watch and comply or be killed. If a Tribute lives through one time they will be eligible for another election if of age. 
    The Normals (people who live in a Sector and hold a life and a family) will be forced to obey their Government and its laws. Children from the age of 6 to 18 will be put in a boarding school were they will have their education. The C.G.T. Which stands for Capital Guard Troops will enforce the laws onto the Normals.                      
   During this time the Queen of Germany Queen Cintria is ruling Sectors 1 and 2 which is Russia now known as Kanxon. Sector 3 is being Ruled by Emperor Gon-Yin who rules Japan and also known as Corlix. Sector 4 which is being ruled by the Emperor Hishu. The Election for every Game is on the First day of Summer( Summer Solstice ). 


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