The Tunneling of the Capital

A young boy who lives in the same timeperiod as Katnis in the HungerGames, is elected for a game similar to the Hunger Games. This contry is new Russia where in world war 1 the Alies lost to Germany. Now in the future, lives a 16 year old boy named Lark Katecher. His Father plotted a plan for him to be able to slip around the rules of the games and have a chance of winning them. In the Games the 8 elected tributes from each sectors(4 total each being ruled by new Germany) will be forced into a tunnel 100 miles long. They need to navigate and fight the other tributes and threates that they will encounter. Lark will have 50 days to complete the tunnel or he will be locked in forever. He will be betrayed, friended,lost,lonely,loved and hated. His chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer as the Queen is tearing the Sectors apart to search for the Rebel members. His struggles only get worse on the Solstice(when they are elected) as he finds fellow class mates elected alongside with him....


3. Pain


        I awake the next day, with sun in my eyes. I lay still, not wanting to wake. My brother's beds were empty. Elections gone by like always... giving names of rude and unpopular people in my school. I feel horrible for voting at all. Giving people death sentences without much meaning. The normal pain of hurting someone's family and feeling's start to stir in my stomach. I suddenly feel sick and rush to the small closet next to the stairs. Inside is a small toilet. I give whatever I had eaten last night to the toilet and uncover horrible smells and taste. I wipe my mouth with my sleeve and try flushing the toilet but remember the water not being on until twelve pm. I close the lid and barge the door open. I crawl back to bed and look at small pocket watch that I was given by my some random person on my first birthday. I hear my family down stairs. My brother's heavy foot steps walk around the house. I choose to walk to the kitchen to find water and food. My mom in the lounge reading, doesn't notice me. I look around and fine a pitcher of water and pore my self a cracked glass. I drink and finished I study the small lines on the cracked glass. I look towards the table and find a letter sitting back Sid up. It's a list of coordinates to places around the city. I notice one has our house address on it. Next to the house address is one word "Stairs" I think of the two sets of stairs we have. The front leading to my parents room and a small study. Then the back which Leeds to my room. Then to the ones in the basement. 
   I walk over and look around the front stairs. I remember that Trapp would hide things in the boards of the stairs. I count the number of steps until I find stair number seven. I lift up and peel two nails from the boards below itself. Inside lies piles and piles of voter cards that are filled out with names of kids in my school. I reach in and thrust my hand trying to find a bottom to the pile. It seems to go on to the top of stair seven all the way to the floor at stair one. I remember Hunner saying our family being a rebel. I realize they must have taken them out so that I don't get elected. I read and read names after names of children but not one of them has my name. 
"Lark!" My mother calls. "Where are you?" I slam the stair down and call out to her saying "looking out the window in the front." I  walk fast to the kitchen where she stands with a plate of mash corn and oats. 
 "It's been sitting for hours, why don't you eat?" She asks me. I reach out and take it. I sit and eat. My brother, Hunner walks in through the back door. He was holding an axe. His sweaty chest moving up and down with each breath showing he'd been working. 
"What are you cutting wood up for? It's warm outside." I ask.
"Preparing." Was the only thing he said. With a twinge of pain I notice the cards had non of his names on them. I realize deep down, that one of us is going to the games. Somehow I can feel it. My heart already preparing me for one of our deaths. I think of how little I had trained this past month. I need to train.
"Mom, I'm going to the compound where the training room is. If you want I can head to the market side too?" I ask. A long pause and suddenly,
"Yeah, I need some onions and peppers for dinner." She yelled. "And don't forget to buy some feathers so we can sell arrows." 
"Okay." I reply fast. I run up to my room and grab some light weight clothing. I change into them and take off for the Compound. 
 At the compound I met up with an old friend, Boisen Ark, from the first year of school. We talked and he said that his older brother (who won three years ago) was volunteering for the Tunnel. I said who I thought was going to be in for Sector Four and we exchanged the best thoughts of the new Tunnel setup. He thought it was going to be dessert with ocean. I suspected it to be woods and lakes. We separated and I went to train. 
 In the training section of the Compound I trained with some boys my age in the list of exercises such as... Running/Stamina, climbing, small knife skills, spear throwing, bows,long knife combat, hand fighting, swimming, strength tests, and scavenging for food. I nearly spent three hours doing swimming upstream in a fake river. My running was fine but slow. Climbing was to easy for me. Bow and arrow shooting was off to the right side to much. I studied what others did and confused them with their own moves. When I finished I rushed to get to the market since it was after lunch hour it was almost empty. I went to Mrs. Targa's table. We have been buying from her for a while. She loves me like a grandson. Her gray hair always tucked behind her hair so delicately. Her nimble fingers worked fast at grabbing objects. Her light feet was what made her win her year of the Games. The only Winner of that year. She was thirteen and short for her age back then. She lived in the Capital for four years but moved for safety reasons. Her house was two blocks away from the school. I rushed out of there so mom could make  dinner. I arrived nearly at curfew. As I closed the door to the house, I heard three gun shots go off in different places in the city. My mother rushed to me.
   "Where have you been! I thought you where taken! You have been out passed curfew for over twenty minutes. But luckily a man made a big scene at the Capital and killed eighteen Capital Guards. He tried to murder the Governor but blew up the steps to the capital of Two with some people who worked there."
"I stayed late at the Compound! Sorry...." I say dumping the sack of vegetables on the small counter. 
 I here a knock at the back door. My mother looks at me and we start to advance to it. The door flew open and knocked my mom to the ground. I see a person with a heavy looking hammer try to maul me in the gut. I duck and sidestep. The person advanced and knocked my hip into the wall which made a dent. He tried again to maul me but I ducked and brought my knee to his gut. My hand grabbed the sack of vegetables off the counter and hit him in the face with them. I now notice it was a woman with short hair. Her outfit was one of the prison uniforms that they were forced to wear in the prison eat of the Capital. She looks at me, her sunken eyes looked deathly with lack of sleep. 
  She kicks my knee caps and sprang to her feet. Hunner rushes in from nowhere and brings her head to the counter. His hands moving ridiculously fast as he pulled the hammer from her grasp. He kicked her knee with so much force I heard a crack. She screamed and fell to the ground. I scramble to help mom up. Hunner blew a whistle that hung around his neck. It was so loud it ringed in my ears after he stopped. In ten minutes the woman was taken in by the Capital Guards. 
  They identified her as an old thief from five years ago. I now hold an ice pack to my knee while mom lays in her bed. I start to make dinner. 
 Dad arrived a while after we all ate. Hunner and I sat down for a while upstairs in our room and drew some pictures of shrubs and flowers. The pressure that I put on my knee while cooking finally made me go down stairs again to grab more ice. But on the way down I fell from pain and dehydration.......I see Hunner standing above me with a bottle of liquid. He makes me smell the liquid and I awaken more by the seconds I now identity the liquid, oil from a peppermint plant. Hunner being obsessed with herbs and oils was amazing at locating them. I'm awake to notice one thing, I knew who the woman was.......but it was to late I passed back out. When I fell I hit my head giving me a small concussion. 
    I awoke the next morning tired,groggy,dirty,shaky, and in pain.  
"He is a living being again!" Announces Trapp who just got back  from work. 
"Hey Trapp. What are you doing here?" I ask. My eyes still being blurry from sleep. I look at his outfit, the tight pants which C.G.T. wear were bloody from an injury. "What happened?" I say sitting up and noticing my knee swollen and purple. 
"I have been to Four, the rebellion has taken a big step since the bombing. They evacuated the Governors to One for safety." He says sitting two beds down and taking a picture out of his pocket. He stares and I only see the back of the picture. Finally he changes and says he is going down stairs. 
 "What rebellion?" I think as I too stand up. My knee being on fire, I hobble down stairs for a drink and ice. I find it's almost curfew. 
 "Practically election." I here my Dad say behind me. The sound of his voice startled me and I dropped the glass that I picked up off the counter. The scaredness in his voice concerned me. 
"Need help?" My Mom asks from the upstairs study.
"No!" My Dad says in a yell. He helps pick up the glass and we dispose of the shards. 
"Sorry." I say in a breath. I turn and look at him staring at me. "What?" I ask almost annoyed by the stare. 
"Nothing. Just wont why you trained for fun." He says turning away to walk to the lounge. 
"Dad, whatever your planning, it's doomed to get one of us killed." I say in a hushed voice for fear of my other family hearing. 
"What?" He says almost to confused.
"You know. Don't be that person." I say rudely.
"No idea." He says in a whisper and walks away. The house now seeming empty. I fix a dinner for myself and sit down. I decide to question Mom about the strange plan they had talked about. I finish and walk over to the front stairs where the mail slot in it is half open. I realize that there is still a note in the slot. It blended in with the white door. I pull the note out. 

I read;

 Dear Mr. Katcher,

   The list of votes of winning candidates has been located by our sources. The list sadly contains one of your children. 

Lavender Banks

Graeme  Ark

Ajax Aburny

Lark Katcher

Ava Moss

Herrin Willows 

  Sadly two mystery Tributes are still to be determined. The  others where not able to be retrieved as well. I'm sorry for your sons tribute to the Queen.

-Governer Banks of Kanxon

I break out into sobs which I quickly hide. Even though I knew one of us brothers was going to be chosen, I still didn't expect it to happen to me. I look at the note again. After three times of reading the short note, I slip it back through the slot in an awkward angle to ensure it would stay half out. I run to the bathroom in my room in which I stay for an hour. 
 I decide to shower and wash up. After stripping and walking under the head of the shower, I turn the handle to allow cold water to dispense onto my head and face. I finish quickly getting colder by the second. And return to my room feeling  refreshed. Both of my brothers asleep. I change into bed cloths, and walk down stairs. My mother in the lounge holding the same note I had read. My father next to her, sitting still and looking pale. 
"We knew it? All along. The Capital mad we secretly help Four and their rebellion." He said loudly.
"I know that. But what I heard was that Hunner was getting sent. I was not as worried for him. He can defend himself, plus he knows how to navigate and fight. His size bigger than most, allows him to dominate in training....." She says breaking off to a small cry and mumble.
"But look who he is with in the Tunnel, Graeme and Ava. We know they can fight. And Herrin, she can track and navigate. With her small size, it makes it easy for her to dodge in a fight." He says trying to help my mom fell more secure.
"But what if they kick the two weaker Tributes out of their team? What then? He and Lavender will run, but die very fast. Think we can make the Governor to allow Hunner to volunteer?"
"No... He would not risk his own neck for our son's." He said without thinking.
"He might" she says, "what if we give up the rebellion? The he will trust us. Help us even. He is afraid of the Capital. His only daughter left. They burned though his whole family. Killing his wife last year during a speech of the rebellion in Paname, his other four daughters where also killed in the games. All killed by     Tributes in Four." 
"Funny, he helps them with the rebellion and all of his kids get killed by their leader's children. Funny..." He says in reply. 
"Just ask....Please! Our son getting killed because you were afraid of asking a question." She says to aggravate him. 
"Fine!" He said out of pity for her and me. "I'll ask him." 
"Thank you." She said she kissed him good night and rushed passed the stairs to walk to her bed room. 
  Minutes passed as I stood at the top of the stairs. I hear my dad pick up a phone. 
"It's going well." He said to a man on the other side. "She believes it's all because the Capital know of our Rebellion. Thanks for holding up your part of the deal. But can I ask why the two unknown Tributes were not listed?" He asks. A muffled voice replied. 
"It's great. The best chance for him to go in. Twenty six easy Tributes to pick off one by one. Of course the tributes from One will be a challenge. Even if they loose Graeme and Ava, Lavender and Lark have a chance. As long as Graeme kills Caphous and Elm, we will do great. Let's just hope that Graeme and Ava don't kill each other or Our children." He says with a happy tone. The muffled voice returned. My dad replied saying "long live the Mocking Bird." He then hung the phone up. I return to my bed. I cry into my pillow out of joy. I won't die. Not today. My Dad's plan will work. I thank my dad in thought. 
  I sleep now having no pain, only relief for the coming days of thought to be stress and death. My dream consisted me holding the crown of Victory in my hands as I place it upon my head. Lavender next to me doing the same. He long Blonde silky hair falling upon her round shoulders which support a bright red dress. My dream lasted until  morning. Living in Victor's court, our mansion gleaming next to Lavender's father's house. I relax and have all pain flow away from my body. Stress fear,pain,death,tears and hate all left my mind and heart. I sleep deeply.

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