People hide behind a profile. In that reason they think it's okay. But it's not. It's not okay.


2. ThatOneJay

ThatOneJay: Hey Willa wassup?

WillaHeartsYou: Nm u?

ThatOneJay: Homework but I'd rather be talking to you!

WillaHeartsYou: You should really do your homework.

ThatOneJay: Homework can wait!

WillaHeartsYou: I can wait.

ThatOneJay: Come on it's probably really late where you live!

WillaHeartsYou: It's like 9 p.m. here

ThatOneJay: cool 

WillaHeartsYou: Wait why are you doing homework on a Saturday?

ThatOneJay: I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow.

WillaHeartsYou: Lucky you I'm just going to be here all day. :/

ThatOneJay: I have to go ttyl

WillaHeartYou: bye Jay 

~ThatOneJay Went Offline~

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