People hide behind a profile. In that reason they think it's okay. But it's not. It's not okay.


1. Same As Always

I waited. I stared at the computer waiting. 


I took a deep breath and opened it.

PrettyLilly145: Hey dork! 

WillaHeartsYou: What do you want.

PrettyLilly145: You know the usual ;)

WillaHeartsYou: You're friends not even on

PrettyAngie145: I'm here now!

WillaHeartsYou: You know it's funny your name says both of you are pretty, but you aren't

PrettyLilly145: Lol can you believe this Angie?

PrettyAngie145: Haha No this loser doesn't know what she's talking about

PrettyLilly145: Always remember Willa you're nothing, and you'll always be nothing

PrettyAngie145: Now pay up!

WillaHeartsYou: Why do you guys need money aren't you two like perfect?

PrettyLilly145: You got the perfect part right! Now pay up! 

~WillaLovesYou145 paid $20 to PrettyLilly145~

WillaLovesYou: There now leave me alone

PrettyAngie145: Nope same deal next week

~PrettyAngie145 and PrettyLilly145 went offline~

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