Diary of A Soul

I write what I feel. These are what I feel, read it or not. I need to express. I may publish inconsistently.


6. Entry 6

I dreamt that we were together. Him and I were meant to be, in the dream. 


He understood me and I understood him. Yes, what happened a couple of weeks ago, happened in the dream. Yes, it was awkward as hell. But in my dream, we ended up dating anyways. And we knew that it was meant to be, despite what everyone said. We both dated other people until we started dating and we consoled each other. 


But it wasn't until one drunken night that we got together. We drank so much. We were so broken but in that moment we became whole. He had another failed relationship, and I, the same. After a year, My (at the time) boyfriend cheated on me with some other girl. I was so hurt. I bought a bunch of alcohol and went over to his place and we drank and we drank and we drank. 


Until we didn't anymore. We laughed because we realized at the same time and said in a sudden soberness "It was you all along" and I cried and he held me and then we kissed. 


He continued to hold me until I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was still holding me. I felt at home and I felt truly happy. 


We didn't want to mess up our friendship when we were younger; but as we got older, without realizing it, our friendship had grown into something so much more. We were in love with each other and we knew it. 



We dated for three months before he proposed. We got married fast. We had a beautiful life together and we were happy. 


We were best friends.



Original Writing by Caitlyn Grace

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