Diary of A Soul

I write what I feel. These are what I feel, read it or not. I need to express. I may publish inconsistently.


2. Entry 2

Slow dance with me in the streets when I've had too much wine on date night and we're waiting for our car. Listen to the music with me. Hum the song in my ear as I lean my head on the place where your shoulder and your neck meet, as I shiver, oh so slightly, because of the evening breeze. Rest your jacket elegantly on my shoulders, and continue moving to the invisible melody. Kiss the top of my head and spin me around. Stare at me, admirably, but carefully. As I, oblivious to your gaze, keenly observe the beauty called the night sky. Whisper, you love me, gently as we continue our waltz. Worship me, praise me, care for me, love me.


Original Writing by Caitlyn Grace

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