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29. Tv Show & Movies Competition / May 1-31-2017




Competition Ends In: 0 Days

(This will change until the final day)


Hello, my MM family! Welcome to our first competition! 


I'm so happy to announce that our magazine has grown so much, we have enough candidates to hold one. I will do my best to make this as simple and clear as possible. I am ninety percent sure that Movellas has already done every competition I've thought of, including this one, but I thought this was a good start.


This month's competition is featured around popular movies and television shows! Basically it's another way of saying 'fanfiction' without classifying it as just that. 


Entry Submissions

- Write a story based around a similar (but slightly different, no plagiarism please) plot to your favorite show or movie! For instance, you could write a story about a clique of girls who go around terrorizing underclassmen. Then they start turning on one another due to rumors that spread. (Hello, Mean Girls)

- Or write a short story about a pair of paranormal investigators who rid the world of ghosts and witches. (Supernatural)

- Give me a poem about time traveling to stop a chain of horrid events. (Doctor Who)

- If writing isn't your forte, I also accept covers!


Everything above is acceptable but you can change it up to fit whatever TV show or movie you'd like. Just so long as the submission is a story, short story, poem or cover. 



- When submitting your story make sure to use the tag #MMCompetition when creating it, so I can locate it. If for whatever reason your tags aren't working, tagging me in the comments works as well.

- As of today, every submission must be turned in by the end of the month. I will take late submissions ONLY if you are unable to for an outside of Movellas reason. But you only get a week after the submission date to hand it in. (I have to be fair to everyone else who may have submitted)

- You CAN use already written stories if the plot or characters are relevant to a TV show or movie.


Again, the story can be whatever you want! Mystery, drama, romance, action/adventure or anything else you can think of. Just so long as the plot is similar to the TV show you're a fan of and the characters in it are from said TV show and movie.



- First place for submissions will receive the Movellian Star of Approval. I will need the cover image for your entry submission so I can attach it to the image. Alternate: If you do not want the star, you can also be interviewed about the making of your Movella in a blog hosted by MM. 

- Second place prizes will receive a spot to be interviewed by MM. You'll be treated just like every other interviewee I've done so far. Alternate: If you don't want an interview, I will tag you and your story in a congratulatory mumble discussing your submission. 


That's all there is to it my MM family! If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know in the comments and I will try to answer as fast as I can. Let the competing begin! Have fun and yes, co-author entries can be submitted! But you will have to share the prizes. Thanks for reading!

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