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32. The Adventures of Jake and Billie #4


They had never ran so fast before. It took them twenty minutes to figure out that they had left the school grounds. Billie was the first to slow up and look back at the gray, desolate school they had left behind. It seemed to stretch out in a odd, ominous manner as though it were reaching for their return. With it's crumbled and cracked walls slumped over in their direction while still tall enough to be seen from a distance.

He didn't have the heart to stop Jake, so they continued to run and run on exerted legs and tightened lungs from the cold wind. Their faces ached and it felt like every step was a tick closer to their hearts exploding within their chests. But fear fueled Jake's motivation to go further and Jake fueled Billie's. They had finally stopped when Jake fell face first in the cold grass leading to the local library. 

Jake decided to roll over and stay in the grass, as it was the only thing keeping him steady at the moment. Billie sat down next to him on the ground and focused on his breathing. They were both silent for a moment as air never tasted sweeter and their throbbing hearts were slowing in their rib cages. Billie stared at the library doors which held a sign with their hours on it.


"Let's go in." Billie stated, still looking at the glass double doors. Jake let out a couple more huffs and tilted his head back to see where they had fell out in front of. He sighed as he contemplated playing twenty questions with the librarian. But he knew if they did go in, they'd have access to the old newspaper micro-fiches.

"Alright." He finally said, before grabbing Billie's hand as he helped him up.


Together they walked into the building and while Billie grabbed the supernatural books in the small occult section, Jake asked for help. The librarian knew it was too early for school to have let out, but helped him anyway because he was the only customer so far today. As she got him set up in the back room with the fiches from the right year, Billie caught up with them. 


The librarian stared at the stack of books in front of Billie's face, reading every title and remembering the incident from the year she just grabbed, she looked at Jake.

"What exactly are you two doing?" She inquired with accusing eyes. It took everything for Billie not to run with the books and leave his friend there.




Alright, Movellians! I hope you enjoyed this week's issue of Jake and Billie, it was a continuation of HeyItsJem's contribution. What happens next week? Let me know in the comments!

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