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13. The Adventures of Jake and Billie #2


"So what are we doing here again?" Jake asked Billie, unsure of their current surroundings.

"I told you, my brother used to go to school here before the fire closed it down. Now it's been laying dormant for years and rumor has it that it's haunted. We have to see if it's true." Billie explained to Jake, while walking forward into a dirty and charred hallway.


Jake watched Billie walk into a half enclosed classroom and stop dead in his tracks. As Jake slowly walked the remainder of the hallway, he stared at the walls lined with half melted lockers. He swore one had a pair of eyes peering out of the ajar door hanging off a lost hinge. But when he stopped to look, they had disappeared as though he had imagined them. As nervous as this desolate area made him, he might've.

As he stared at Billie in the doorway, he couldn't help but look beyond him at the dark mist sitting on what's left of the piano bench. As he stepped forward to get a better look he didn't notice Billie's hand signaling him to stop. It wasn't until his foot stepped on a splinter of wood from a fallen beam, that he realized what he did.


They looked at one another quickly and then back at the bench where the mist used to be. But now the room was vacant and the hairs on the back of their necks stood on end. 

"Are you cold?" Jake asked Billie, running his hand up the length of his arm.

"Freezing." Billie replied, his eyes not leaving the piano bench.


"You know, it only gets cold when they're mad." Jake heard Billie say.

"How do you know?" Jake asked, looking to him skeptically.

"What do you mean, a person knows when they're freezing, Jake." Billie replied, a little irked with his best friend at the moment.

"Not that, how do you know ghosts are mad when it gets cold?" He explained, turning Billie to look at him.


They stared at one another again, both confused by the other.

"What're you talking about?" Billie asked.

"You just said 'it only gets cold when they're mad' how do you know?" Jake wondered, getting pissed at his friend for making him repeat himself.

"I never said that." Billie stated.

"Yes you did! I just heard you!" Jake cried, losing his temper in his annoyance.

"It wasn't me.." Billie repeated, looking genuinely at his only friend.


It seemed to have gotten colder and as they hugged themselves, they saw the fog of their breath and heard the deep resonating piano chords strike. Both of them snapped their heads to the half melted instrument and stared at the stuck together keys. As the keys remained in place, they heard the low chords being played.

One. By. One.



Today's plot twist goes to fellow Movellian: Nicolas L. ! I added onto his idea of an abandoned school with a spooky twist. So Movellians, what's going to happen to them in next week's issue?

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