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4. The Adventures of Jake and Billie #1


Jake and Billie were the best of friends. It started in preschool when they first met, they had both decided to place a critter in Ms. Gwen's desk. As they both approached her desk they saw the critter in the other's hand and smiled at one another. Together they shook hands and shoved the small insects in her desk drawers. The two were a bundle of laughter when she came back to see not one, but two beetles in her desk. They had to spend the rest of the day in time out, but it only lasted ten minutes and their friendship lasted the rest of their lives.

So when Jake looked around one august morning, the middle schooler got a very horrible but very interesting idea. He ran everywhere to locate Billie and tell him of this new idea that sprung on him. His excitement could not be contained as he banged on fences and shouted loudly as he went. Finally, Billie was seen waiting for Jake at the entrance of the school building.


"Billie!" Jake shouted happily. As he ran straight for the blond haired boy, the smile on his face grew as he thought of all the possibilities awaiting them. When he reached the tall, thin boy he panted,

"I've got an idea." not wasting a moment in time.

"So spit it out, ya weak kneed sissy!" Billie taunted, punching Jake playfully on the arm. Jake glared at him momentarily and then proceeded.

"Let's ditch school today and go on an adventure!" He shouted happily. Billie opened his mouth to protest but stared at Jake's face, thought of all the places he'd been wanting to explore and smirked.


A/N: Okay, Movellians. Where does their first adventure take them?

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