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7. Submissions Needed



Hello, my Movellians!

I'm here to say firstly that I'm so happy this is taking off so well! I did not expect this immediate outcome and I'm very blessed and happy to receive it. So though my MM family is small, I would like your assistance in the search for Movellas to be awarded for Story of the Week and Movellians to interview.

This is your magazine too, not just mine and just because I got the ball rolling doesn't mean you can't help move it along. Nominate users you think contribute to the community or write amazing stories! Same goes for the Movellas you submit. Choose the ones you've read that even after it was over (or after you've finished the recent chapter) it still stuck with you throughout the day. Give me some suggestions, friends! 


*Movella Submission:



Reason for submission:


*Interview Submission:


What do you wanna know:

Reason for submission:


A link for both is appreciated but not necessary!*

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