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34. Story of the Week #3



Story of the Week #3

By: Lavern L.C.


This week's SOTW is revolved around a dead girl. Kayla, has just died and it's only the prologue. How can her friends and family continue on?




Kayla is tired of feeling nothing at all. So she has a plan to make that nothingness go away forever. It starts with notes, then presentation and finally....her end. She thinks her family and friends will be fine without her. But is that as true as she thinks it is?


This week's SOTW is actually very short. In a two minute prologue I have fallen in love with a story and the way it's delivered, hard and fast. I found this thanks to Squonk of the Nightshade's 'ReadAMovellaADay' posts. Not only did he not disappoint, but I'm left very hurt that this hasn't been updated in a month.

Kayla is dead. But her family and friends are still living and have to learn to live without her. I'm very excited to see where this story unfolds and how exactly the ones she left behind, take to her action.


Take the two minutes and read it, Movellians! You will not be disappointed and do us all a favor and leave a comment urging for a long awaited update! Thanks for reading and leave me your suggestions below in the comments.

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