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23. Story of the Week #2




Story of the Week #2

By: the force of storms


This weeks' Story of the Week is titled Beauty in the Breakdown written by a well known author. Written around Josh and Clara's experiences as runaways, it brings in action, suspense and even love.


Movellas Cover


Published Cover (Because yes Movellians, she's gotten it published!)




Josh and Clara are two kids who are tired. Tired of dealing with their screwed up families, tired of pretending like they're happy when they're not and tired of feeling useless. So together they run away and start a new life by stealing money and whatever they need, then before trouble can catch up, they're running again.


This was another story submitted to my review store and it was done over a year ago. This Movellian has been in love with YA novels ever since she could remember. But not your typical ones, the kind that leave you feeling like you learned something. After reviewing the first half of this story, I already knew that I had to keep learning their story in order to learn more about the message.

Now if you ask the writer of this, she'll probably tell you that when she first started writing it there was no message. Just a story in her head that she had to get on paper. But chapter to chapter, the message rang clear. They were every teenager in the world.

Feeling alone, dealing with real issues and learning how to fall in love through hardships. This is what every writer should strive to tell in their writing. Which is why it did not surprise me when she released the news that she self published it. Her Movellas version is very unedited, but her published one is very edited and also contains more chapters and a different ending. 


Read it, Movellians. If you loved Paper Towns, 13 Reasons Why and Fault in Our Stars, you will love reading this story.

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