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11. Story of the Week #1



Story of the Week #1

By: edvin damien


This week's story is titled Party at the End of the Universe . It's a story about gay couple Thorvald and Damien, who are living life in the midst of an ongoing murder investigation.










People are dying and the details of the murder scenes are too bizarre for detectives to figure out. Between love, school and personal demons the couple must try to solve it, in order to get back to normalcy.



This story was submitted to my review store months ago and I only recently got the chance to read it. When I started it I could not stop (though I had to for reviewing purposes) because the writing and descriptions were so beautiful. I have never read a boyxboy story before because I always liked imagining myself as the main character. But surprisingly besides that aspect being a main detail of the story, it did not ruin the read for me. The relationship between the two characters is so unique and believable that I can't help but fall in love with it.

But the mystery of the murders is what really drives me to want to read more. The crime scenes are displayed almost theatrically and the items found with (or sometimes on) the bodies is creepy. The characters are banding together to finish what the police can't put in place. How do you find a killer when his killing spots and victims have no pattern? 



This story is brilliant and a definite Story of the Week. Movellians, I urge you to take a half hour out of your day to read the few chapters posted. Be sure to leave some comments telling your thoughts for the writer! 


Be sure to submit stories for me to check out for future SOTW!

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