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18. Movellian Suggestions


My MM family!

I'm in need of your assistance. If you watch my mumbles (it's cool if you don't) you'll know that I plan on having a competition soon. But I need your help in figuring out small prizes.

You are essentially going to be awarded the prizes, what would you like? Keep in mind that I'm referring to second and third place prizes. So it's okay if they're simple. I'm open to suggestions, providing that you don't suggest something ludicrous.


I've obviously been thinking of things to do but they don't seem like enough.

1. I mean, I've thought of giving Movellians the chance to create an issue (a chapter) of their own as a prize then they'd leave the Movella.

2. Or even offering a spot on the SOTW list for one of their Movellas, or to be interviewed.

3. It's come to my attention too, that I could write up a blog praising the Movella or work that was selected for second place.

But again, it doesn't seem like enough. Maybe it's just me, let me know what you think and please my MM family leave suggestions. 

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