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37. Movellian Interview #4




Movellian Interview #4

Took place on: April 30th, 2017



This week's interview is with another well known author, the force of storms! You may know her from her incredible stories and current story being published.




This Movellian is a Movella's ambassador, in case you can't tell by that white star next to her picture. Not to mention, she's always blogging and mumbling her Song of the Day. She might not be on everyday, but you always know when she is. Her impact in the community is nothing if not tremendous.



The Interview


MM: Okay, so how did you first discover Movellas?

the force of storms: I think it must've been from my cousin, somewhere between three and four years ago. I was alternating between Quotev and Wattpad as the sites I read and wrote on and found it impossible to receive any kind of acknowledgement for what I was writing. My cousin recommended Movellas for me. Many years and multiple accounts later, I'm still here (She ends with smiley face)

MM: This site seems to generate a lot of writers from Wattpad. So how many accounts did you actually go through?

the force of storms: I think I'm now on my third. The first was Tegsmon, one which I barely used because I didn't understand Movellas and eventually forgot the password. The second was Tande which is still around today and the account where I started to use the site properly. The third is this one 

MM: In a way, each account was like an evolution of you as a writer. That's actually kinda cool! But now that this is your third (and hopefully final) account, it's pretty safe to say that it blew up. Your follower count and favorite count on all your stories is no joke. Does Movellas still surprise you when you win something or you receive lots of feedback?

the force of storms: It definitely has been an evolution. I haven't won anything in over a year but the feedback is definitely surprising, especially when I post something new. I feel like it's been hardwired into my brain to compare the stats to what my Quotev and Wattpad ones were. In comparison to those, Movellas is such a supportive community, and it's always overwhelming to receive geuine feedback from people you've actually become friends with.

MM: I think that's an actual writer's thing. Either that or we're just both crazily anal about stats, cause I do the same thing! Would you say the community is one of the main things that kept you here for so long? (That ending sentence makes me feel like it's partially hinted at me, and if it is I love you too! If not, I still love you (I add in an x'd out smiley face) )

the force of storms: It definitely is. You're one of the people who have kept me going all this time (she adds in her own x'd out smiley face)All writers must be slightly crazy about stats at some point in their lives. The community has definitely encouraged me to stick around. There's been a few times in the past where I've considered giving up on Movellas, something which is actually the 'origin story', you could say, of this account. I started to give up on Tande because I wanted a break: I lost the motivation to write for weeks at a time and I didn't feel like the account was going anywhere. I may have wanted to give up on the account, but I was so attached to people I've met on the site. I just couldn't let go fully, so I made my fresh start.

MM: The evolution never leaves, it remains to show us where we've been and where we can go from that point. And, ah! (I attach the heart emoji) With the fresh start came new stories and new friends with the old. You've got a small collection, what's your most recent or if nothing is recent, your current project? Be sure to give a brief summary for the readers! (I end with a smiley face)

the force of storms: I'm currently trying to make some progress on 'Heart', a story about a blind boy and a deaf girl. It got put on hold while I finished 'Beauty in the Breakdown' but, since it was the first story on this account, I feel like I owe it the ending it deserves.

Other than that, I'm rewriting some of the things that I left on Tande but I'm not ready to let go off fully. Right now, I'm rewriting 'About Us', something which was an epilogue to a story I never wrote but might end up as a standalone short story. 

MM: Oooo, so we should expect a new story in the works along with an old one making a reappearance. 
Can I say as not just a friend, but also as a fellow Movellian, I'M SO EXCITED!! Ahem, sorry. Speaking of BitB (shortened for Beauty in the Breakdown), you've made it clear recently that it's published and for sale on Amazon. What was that like for you?

the force of storms: I'm glad! A few more new chapters should be arriving over the coming weeks and an old story will be resurrecting itself as fast as my fingers can type.

When I was self-publishing 'Beauty in the Breakdown', I constantly felt like something was going wrong. I'd done so much research before hand and read things that were almost horror stories about self-publishing that I was confused why my experience was going so much smoother. I was happy to have full control over everything from the cover to the playlist in the last few pages. If anyone is looking to selfpublish, even if it's just to have a copy for yourself to hold, I definitely recommend using CreateSpace.

(At this point, I've realised that I've said 'definitely' in response to almost every question 
(she attaches an x'd out smiley) )

MM: Believe me the community will happily attack it (in a good way) when you decide to post them! But now it's out and people have bought it, in addition with you having your own physical copy of a story that was once in your head! You also wrote a mumble not too long ago about a possibility of getting it actually published, correct? Do you wanna fill us in on how you came about that?

(Do not worry about it, I'm pretty sure I start off every interview with 'so' .....your secrets safe with us lol)

the force of storms: Looking at my shelves and seeing my own book tucked in amongst authors I've admired for years is still unbelievable.

Traditional publishing seemed like the next stage in this book's life. I submitted an online application to one company that I've seen online and they liked what they read enough to offer me a contract! I feel like it's practically unheard of to approach one company and to not receive a rejection, so I still have some doubts about what to do. If you've seen the Mumble, you'll definitely (there it is again (she adds with an x'd out smiley face)) know that my biggest worry is that my contract isn't for traditional publishing and there's a large cost involved. I think I'm going to submit to a few more companies and see if there are any more offers before making a choice.

(This one was longer than expected)

MM: I can only imagine. (I add a heart emoji as I think of it) That sounds like a great idea! One company is not all companies, there is a huge possibility that another one will offer you something along your speed. So tell us, cause we're dying to know. Where does all of these ideas come from for your stories? Is it just music? Or a combination of things?

(The longer the better!)

the force of storms: My instant answer was music videos as that was the main inspiration behind 'Beauty in the Breakdown', but I don't think that's very true with my other stories. Song lyrics and simple observations are my main sources of inspiration now, in addition to random things that happen while I'm half-asleep. 'Ever After' was greatly inspired by a song. 'Heart' was inspired by seeing a Tumblr post about there not being many books about physical disabilities rather than mental. The first two or three chapters of 'The Voices Within Me' happened during one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had that I could still remember when I woke up. But I find that there's inspiration all around, even if it just comes from writing what you can see out of the window or basing a character appearance on someone that you walked past in the street. 

(There was an added fun fact shared with this answer. However I am leaving it out to save the author from embarrassment.)

MM: There is a huge possibility that I'm fan girling right now, but this comment was gold. Just saying. I mean, we just basically learned about the origins of some of the most interesting stories you've written! Ahem, again I apologize. Some of the authors on here, (this one included) write up reviews for other users. Have you ever dabbled in this? Or do you just voice your opinion here and there?

the force of storms: I've started dabbling (great word btw) with reviews recently, starting with a 'The Death House' - a book I won in a Movellas competition and adored - and 'Love To Hate' by Prodigy, one of Movellas' finest authors. They've been more 'formal' reviews, just talking about what happens and things I liked and disliked. I've been tempted to have a go at more detailed reviews with plot/spelling/grammar comments, but I'm terrible with doing that in my own stories, so I think I'll leave that to the more regular reviewers (she ends with an x'd out smiley face)

(You'll be the first to know if I get a response from anyone, even if it's just something that looks like a keyboard slam entirely in capslock. Unrelated, but the movellaswashere Instagram account just posted 'Heart' as their story of the week which is pretty cool (a smiley face is included) )

(Anything related to my book ends up making me act as if I'm a five year old on a sugar rush. I'm just so excited and overwhelmed by how it's been growing. I started writing it when I was thirteen and never expected it would even develop past the first chapter (an x'd out smiley face is included))

(I probably would've left the above comment in parenthesis out as well. But I think it'll help you, my Movellian readers, to see how dedication and hard work can pay off before you know it. Also to let you see that even 'the force of storms, a published author' is just as human as the rest of us.)

MM: Hey, everyone has their own system! (I add with a smiley face) Thank you, thank you. I use it quite a lot actually. So, what is something you wish someone would've told you when you first joined? Also, what would you say to a Movellian looking for encouragement or motivation? 

(Dankeschoen! I don't know, that seems pretty related and quite necessary to say as that just makes you look more awesome. (I comment with another smiley face, because honestly...does it not?) It's totally understandable! I'd be the same way except worse, you at least type, everything would be in caps lock for me (an x'd out smiley face is added cause this statement is a fact))

the force of storms: I wish someone would have told me to believe in myself and not feel pressured to write more popular genres to receive recognition.

I would tell other Movellians and new users to write whatever they want to write and whatever they believe in, rather than feeling as if they should be following what others are doing. I've seen so many people - not just on Movellas - who have been close to giving up because their work doesn't have 'enough' views, because they don't have many likes, because they aren't doing as well as popular genres.

All users should feel comfortable writing things that they like and are proud of, rather than thinking that they have to change in order to receive recognition.

(Have you considered interviewing as a career? You're actually incredible at this) 
(Is she not the sweetest?)

MM: God, that is brilliant. I wish I had the clapping emoji handy. (I add with an x'd out smiley face) Personally, I can't agree more. I'm gonna ask you to pick two people. The first has to be a Movellian but the second can be whomever you want, that you look up to.

the force of storms: That's difficult... I think Prodigy and Molly Looby are two of the Movellians I've admired ever since I was on Tande. Prodigy creates so many incredible stories - whether that's on her own or as a co-author - and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Her plots and characters are addicting. Molly Looby is the same, but I'm also incredibly inspired by her published works in addition to what she has on the site.

I've completely blanked on anyone else I admire (she ends with an x'd out smiley face) 

MM: Is it bad that I knew Prodigy would be in here? Yes? No? Only slightly stalkerish? Okay, I'll take it. lol Alright, last question and I'm sure you know what it is. Are you proud to be a Movellian?

the force of storms: I seem to talk about Prodigy a lot so it might've been bad if you weren't expecting that (she adds in an x'd out smiley face to emphasis the joke)

I'm incredibly proud of being a Movellian. I honestly think that's the only time I said I've been proud of being part of a writing website. I've had the opportunity to support and be supported by such an amazing community that I enjoy being part of every single day. There is no other writing community like Movellas. 

MM: You're right about that! I wanna thank you, force of storms for your cooperation and time. This interview was so much fun and the readers will certainly enjoy learning more about you!  

the force of storms: Thank you for asking me to do this! I've had a great time (she ends with an x'd out smiley face)



And that was this week's Movellian interview! These are becoming my favorite segment on the magazine and I hope you're all enjoying them too. Please leave me submissions in the comments for who you want to be interviewed!

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