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27. Movellian Interview #3




Movellian Interview #3

Took place: April 22, 2017



Normally I chose the Movellians I think you guys should know about. But I'm always asking for suggestions from you guys. Which is why I was so surprised when this week's interviewee: Narcy, volunteered to be interviewed!





Our Movellian is pretty good at making friends in the community, he's made a bit of a name for himself. Though I can't understand how his stories are so low in numbers. Lets find out together, my MM family!



The Interview


MM: So, how did you find Movellas?

Narcy: To be honest, I just bumped into it. I can't remember when I started writing but I wrote a lot and I needed a....way to let it all out. Some of it is of course better than others but we learn, slowly but surely, we learn.....

MM: A writer's earliest work is always cringe worthy, lol. So is writing the only reason you've stayed on Movellas for (going on) four years? Or is there another reason?

Narcy: Well, recently I've been on less (ish) because of uni and stuff but I try to come back and do stuff. I mean I know a lot of people get masses of attention because of what they write and I guess I write stories that may not be necessarily appealing to all, but I don't really mind. I have my friends here too, but writing is something that I enjoy so even if I do leave Movellas I will still write elsewhere... 

MM: It's possible your stories just aren't advertised properly. Are you thinking of leaving us?

Narcy: There will come a time possibly very near in the future when I won't be able to stick around but who knows? Also, I like my work to speak for itself.... 

MM: I don't mean that you should change anything, just that your stories aren't advertised enough. How can someone read your work if they don't know it exists? (I attach a smiley face so he knows it's not typed with malice) Well, Narcy even though this is the first time we've had a real discussion I hope to see you around for a long time. What do you like writing about?

Narcy: I try to be as diverse as possible..... but I prefer spy thrillers and scifi if I'm honest. I find them easy to write.....

MM: That's cool! I can never write about what's going on while focusing on the characters. It's not an easy feat and it's like the staple for all those stories. lol What's your most recent work and can you give us a brief summary?

Narcy: Well my most recent work is a scifi thriller that I'm entering to the PLL competition and it ranges around three girls who are part of an industrial conspiracy to make money from people who work on the Moon. The lie is that these girls, daughters of the founders of the respective companies are dead and all the work is being done in their memory. It's quite er....complex? Slightly mad too.....

MM: That sounds really awesome, actually. Does this work have a title?

Narcy: Yes, it is simply called DNA. The tagline is 'lies run in our veins'. So yeah, its complex because I have to make stuff up and weave it with real-ish things too so that is a challenge.

MM: Haha! Ah the turmoils of writers never end. How do you come up with the plots for all your thriller stories? 

Narcy: That's a bunch of crazed imagination and real events. The way companies work fascinates me, empires fascinate me (Roman, Spanish, Ottoman, British), politics too. I read a lot of history so thats my basis....

MM: A little bit of everything rolled into one, that's an interesting process. Do Movellas ever inspire you to create your works?

Narcy: Not really, I like staying original

MM: Really? I'm always getting inspired from other's work! I read an event that's in a Movella and now I have dialogue in my head. Do you read a lot of stories on Movellas? Or are you the write and converse with the community type?  

Narcy: I write and talk. I read a few books but I'm super picky.

MM: I'm the same way, I guess that's why I have a review store. This way I'm forced to read stories I normally wouldn't. Have you ever thought of opening one up? Passing on your genius, in a sense?

Narcy: Genius or randomness? I never thought of it, plus I barely have time to write......

MM: Haha, I doubt you're as random as you think you are. Fair enough though. Okay, we're almost done. What is something you wish someone would've told you when you first joined? Also, what would you say to someone looking for motivation or encouragement?

Narcy: I wish someone would've told me who to read since some writers are better than others. 

I would say go with what you know and take time to edit your work. Bad punctuation and flimsy plot really gets on my nerves as a reader. Otherwise, just practice. Learn new turns of phrase, ways to describe and of course, try new things. Above all, do not under any circumstances, give up! That's just an easy way of chickening out.....

MM: This site is full of growing writers. That's kinda great advice, Narcy. (I send a smiley face to show my genuinity) Okay, now I want you to pick two people that you look up to. One has to be a Movellian but the other can be whoever.

Narcy: Well with Movellians its actually very hard but I'd say I look up to @ oh hipsta please simply because she is a super involved writer and her ideas, though restricted to 1D are really good, its a wonder she hasn't published already, (its a crime actually).

And my other has to be Adrian Tchaikovsky, I mean he hasn't written scifi before and he won a coveted prize for his first book, if that isn't cool then I'm lost for words.....

clarification: Adrian Tchaikovsky wrote his first scifi book last year which won the coveted Arthur C Clarke Award..... it was his first ever scifi book and I just brought it yesterday (He explains with an X'd out smiley face)

MM: I actually haven't read any of her work yet, but I know I'm missing something because she's always winning competitions! Funny you should mention her, she started following me a couple days ago. I'm not even sure what I did to deserve it. lol Okay, last question: Are you proud to be a Movellian?

Narcy: Yes, but I feel as though the site is over whelmed with fanfiction so that's a sore point for me......

MM: Some of the best writers start out writing fanfiction. It's easier to put to words so you can flesh it out more later in your second draft with actual characters. I'll have to look up this Adrian guy though, you have my interest piqued. I wanna thank you, Narcy for volunteering to do this. I'm sure the readers will enjoy getting to know you.

Narcy: I like fanfic, as long as it's written properly, otherwise I don't bother......and thanks for the interview.



That was this week's interview! Narcy was certainly my most interesting one yet. Though I knew he would be even before we started. I hope you enjoyed getting to know him and make sure to check out his PLL competition story! I know I will!

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