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17. Movellian Interview #2








Movellian Interview #2

Took place: 4/14-15/17



Hello again my MM family! Last week's interview was so much fun that I couldn't wait to do the next one. I had my target planned out but when she was also nominated in the comments, I knew it was fate! This week's Movellian interviewee is, C A P T A I N !




This Movellian has only been on for a little over a year but she's made quite an impact! She goes through usernames like kleenex, some of you may know her more as Lady Alora Wiley . A lot of her stories are entered in competitions and more often than not, she wins them because of her unique story ideas and story telling. It's my honor to present the interview between MM magazine and this lovely (if not humbly famous) Movellian.



The Interview


MM: How did you hear about Movellas?

C A P T A I N: In the fifth grade, in Italy, I began writing a story called 'The Guardians'. The characters were based off of my close friends and soon, my friends and I became obsessed with it. Right before I left Italy, I decided to search up publishers. I wanted to share my writing with others because I believed I truly had a chance of making it big with that story -- I wanted the praise and fame and everything else that came with writing a best selling book. I decided that I had to get feedback before I sent it to a publisher, so I found a website for aspiring authors: Movellas. It looked friendly enough, so I decided to join. (She accompanies this with a smiley face.) 

MM: That's amazing! So you initially joined just to get feedback for that one story. What made you stay for all this time?

C A P T A I N: When I finished writing 'The Guardians', all the ideas that I'd usually apply to the story kept coming. On top of that, my friends couldn't contact me as much. Without seeing each other at school, I couldn't tell them that I'd just added another chapter to 'The Guardians' or that I'd finished it or anything like that. With ideas and the need for feedback, I decided that I needed to create another story. I was thinking that the story I wrote next would be my key to REAL fame on here. Besides that, I met people. Really, really nice people, most of which have left or aren't as active anymore. I realized that this was a really supportive community and that I wanted to stay, with or without popularity on my stories.

MM: Alora, that's beautiful. (I apply a smiley face to show genuinity) We're happy to have you, too. So in the year and so many months that you've joined, how many stories have you written and how many of those are completed?

C A P T A I N: Aww. I really am glad that I stayed, I love talking to you and the rest of the Movellians! (She attaches another smiley face) Completed? God, I'd be lucky if I got one chapter finished on a story. 'The Guardians' is the ONLY story that I have ever finished. Since then, I have been jumping around from story to story, and if I get bored, I ditch the idea until some random event triggers a thought about the characters or plot. I've posted 48 stories, with 224 others in drafts. 

MM: My heart hurts! (I send a heart to show my love) Gah, interviewing is going to be my favorite part of this magazine.That's an awful lot of stories! A Movellian requested (and MM wants to know too!) where do you get the inspiration for your ideas, stories and characters? I mean I know generally writers aren't supposed to asks other writers that but, humor us.

C A P T A I N: (She sends a heart and a wide smiley face) Hm. Usually I get the ideas for my characters from historical figures. Gweyn from Hoist the Colours is loosely based off of Ching Shih, a former prostitute who became a pirate; Grey from I, Lady Grey shares personality traits with Florence Nightingale; Adam from an unpublished piece of work was based off of Benedict Arnold. If I think that a historical figure could easily fit into a plot but would rather not comply to history, I take their personality and backstory and apply it to a new character, usually with a more interesting name. As for plots, I usually get them from PRETTY INSANE dreams. I have some REALLY twisted hallucinations, but I don't recount the dreams as a lot of them freak me out. If there is one way to come up with anything, it would be that. Music inspires me to create scenes that match the lyrics, too.

MM:  That's an interesting process! I just figured you liked rewriting history and made the stories modern to fit the era. But I think I actually like this better! (One of my fan fictions is actually based off a crazy dream I had so I totally get you) Since you mentioned music, what do you like listening to, to get you inspired to write your stories?

C A P T A I N: Glad I'm not the only one with insane dreams (She attaches an X'd out smiley face) I LOVE listening to songs about revolutions, resisting, fighting back -- it just inspires me, as all of my characters lead rebellions and riots. Their... desire to revolt against the injustices of society and government truly come through in the songs I listen to. And the fact that I myself have to fight back against some of the injustices that occur in my life with those songs as my 'theme song', I guess you could say, helps me relate even more to my characters. Usually Skillet helps the most. And I LOVE Imagine Dragons.

MM: Hmm, The Rebellious Inner Workings of Alora. I like it as your future autobiography title. lol Going back to the community for a second here, did you ever have a review store up? Or has it always been singular reviews from whoever asks for one?

C A P T A I N: That is definitely an awesome title. (She applies an X'd out smiley face) I had one up, but I had a 'price'. I made it clear that if they reviewed something of mine, I'd review something of theirs. One would think that it was a perfectly reasonable charge, but apparently it is too much to return a review. I suppose I'm one to talk though, being as I have to be reminded to review things. (She ends with another X'd out smiley face)

MM: I agree! It's not a horrible 'price' as you called it, but you're asking a lot from the newbies lol. How do you work both writing up your stories and reviews?

C A P T A I N: Hm. I'm not sure how to answer this question, but I'll give it my best shot. I find it really hard to focus on writing reviews and stories, which is why I procrastinate on one and work on the other. Sometimes I forget to do either of them and just binge watch Pretty Little Liars while browsing Movellas for reading material.

MM: What is your most recent story and can you give us a brief summary?

C A P T A I N: I have lots of recent stories, but I'll just go with the one for the 'Strange the Dreamer' competition. Here's the blurb for 'Of Gods and Mortals': 128 B.C.; Rome, Italy ......... Atalanta, a young gladiator of eighteen years, is believed to be one with the gods and goddesses of Greece. Blessed with the ability to evade the cold grasp of Death, Atalanta triumphs in the arena with ease, the thought of her murdered parents driving her forward. When a Roman officer proposes marriage to her, Atalanta's gods have suddenly gone silent, seemingly deeming her as unworthy of their help. In a desperate attempt to avoid the proposal, Atalanta strikes a deal: if she can complete a series of quests in Rome's dangerous underground arena, she will remain unmarried. Despite this daring act, Atalanta realizes that the challenge teeters on the edge of impossible. But Thanatos, her patron god of death, has not finished toying with her life. And he is determined to help. It's basically a rewrite of the Greek myth of Atalanta. Instead of the original huntress, Atalanta now is a gladiator born only months after Rome took over Greece; it's a quest for her hand in marriage, not a footrace; and Thanatos is thrown into the mix. It'll be interesting once I get around to forcing myself to write it. (She ends it with a smiley face)

MM: lol That is a very Alora answer. Okay, so it's pretty safe to say that you're a well known name around here. Is it still surreal that your stories have blown up this much? Do you still get super excited when you win a competition? Or has it lost its affect?

C A P T A I N: lol. (She adds in an X'd out smiley face) I hope I'm well-known. Otherwise, all that work for nothing? Haha, just kidding. I get REALLY excited when I win competitions. To think that I, a relatively young writer compared to others on this site, bested dozens of people in a competition is thrilling to me. It makes me think that what I write is appreciated and it's also something to keep me writing. While I mostly write for myself, it's nice to know that SOMEONE thinks that it is deserving of winning a competition. When my stories blow-up, I get, once again, REALLY excited. Lately, things have been slow, so I don't get that excitement much anymore. Even if the comment is just a few short sentences, I feel a swell of pride just to see those words of affirmation. I think that's proof of how much feedback means to an author. Don't be silent readers! Comment on stuff and you can make someone's day. (She ends it with a smiley face)

MM: I'd be all over your stories if I haven't reviewed most of them already. lol That's a nice point to make, Alora. Not everyone realizes that anymore. It's also a nice build up to this question: What is something you wish someone would've told you when you first started and what would you say to someone looking for encouragement or motivation?

C A P T A I N: Haha, lol. (She adds an X'd out smiley) I wish that someone would have told me to talk to more people. I feel like a lot of what made me stay here so long would have happened sooner had I decided to talk to people. As for what I'd tell someone else... I'd tell them not to be discouraged by the lack of responses to their stories. Just because they haven't reached the point of full-blown fame does not mean that their writing is horrible. They just need to keep trying instead of giving up; talk to people who will help them; write things that not only peak (was that the right spelling for that word?) their interest but others' too. Basically, keep trying. 

MM: That's wise advice. (I apply a smiley face) Yes, that was the correct spelling for that word. We're almost done, I've got a couple more questions for you. Okay, so you have to choose two people that you look up to. One can be real but the other has to be a fellow Movellian. (I ask with another smiley face)

C A P T A I N: Right. Agh, this is hard as there are so many real people that I look up to! Probably Alice Clement. People call her the female Sherlock Holmes and I think that she is one of the most inspirational female historical figures that I know of. 

Movellians.... there are so many Movellians that I look up to and I can't name just ONE. I guess I'd have to go with the force of storms. I've probably had one conversation with her since I've come to Movellas, but she is very inspirational to me. She's written amazing stories and self-published one, too. It's really cool that a Movellian has become so successful, so I definitely look up to her.

MM: I'm so sorry to have to do that to you lol. Last question: Are you proud to be a Movellian?

C A P T A I N: lol (She attaches another X'd out smiley face. I think this Movellian lives off them. But who doesn't!) Definitely! I am proud to be a part of such an accepting and talented community. Besides that, I don't know what I'd do with myself if I WEREN'T a Movellian! (She ends the statement with her famous X'd out smiley face) 

MM: Woohoo! lol I wanna thank you, Alora for your time spent toward this interview. It was a pleasure to have you and I hope you had as much fun as I'm sure the readers will reading your responses.

C A P T A I N: This interview was definitely worth staying up until 1:12 a.m.! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the interview! (She ends the statement with a wide smiley face)

MM: No problem! Thank you so much again!




And that was this week's interviewee! It was a blast and I can't wait to start next week's interview. I hope you enjoyed reading through the Movellians' answers and will suggest more Movellians to interview in the comments. 

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