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9. Movellian Interview #1






Movellian Interview #1

Took place: 4/12/17


Hello my Movellian readers! Welcome to the first interview and this was so much fun to do that I can guarantee it won't be the last. This week our interviewee is user, Nicolas L.!


This Movellian has been around for three years and has aside from making amazing stories, he's also a huge help to the community. Count that in with the fact that he's also a complete sweetheart to talk to, I'm left wondering where his ambassador star is. I took it upon myself to track him down and get to know him a bit more.



The Interview


MM: How did you hear about Movellas?

Nicolas L: A friend I knew in high school claimed that she wrote books in her free time, but that all her books were on a site called Movellas. Because I was interested to read them, I looked up this website and fell in love with the community and it's books. Before I knew it I had created an account, and wrote a book of my own.

MM: So there wasn't a hesitation to join? You just jumped right in and made your account?

Nicolas L: At first I roamed around with a plain account and just read books. I admit I was a bit skeptical about getting involved and writing a story, considering I was in the process of learning English grammar, but the community was very considerate and helped me along the way, which I'm thankful for.

 MM: Would you say that the community is what made you join?

Nicolas L: Definitely! I'd occasionally find myself reading comments and seeing how much everyone tried to help each other. It was a very loving atmosphere that I didn't expect to find in an online community.

MM: That's amazing! You joined the community in 2014, right? But you've been away for some time, was there a specific reason or did you just forget about the site for a while?

Nicolas L: Yes there was. While I love this site, there was a very dark point a couple years ago (or whenever it might have been, I've forgotten). People were making spam accounts, bullying others, and people were getting hurt. Because the site was becoming corrupt, I decided to take a break and focus on my studies in school. However, I found myself missing it overtime.

MM: When did you decide to come back?

Nicolas L: Just a few months ago actually, like I said I started missing the site a lot. I was glad to see that the bullying had stopped, but sad when I realized most of my friends have also disappeared. 

MM: A lot of things have changed since you left, one of them being that a lot of the older members are now gone. I know plenty of users who've lost a lot of good friends because of their departure. But when you came back, did you start writing again or were you easing back into the community before posting?

Nicolas L: I decided when I returned that I would do what I didn't do before I left, and that's try and become more involved in the community. Instead of writing like normal, I decided to review some stories and help out as much as I can with users lives and writing.

MM: That's very noble. (He can't see me but I'm beaming after this response, I send him a smiley face as a happy gesture.) But you do have a story up at the moment, correct?

Nicolas L: Thank you. (He returns the smiley face.) Yes I do, it's called Gatekeeper of the Noon. Although it's on hiatus right now, I do plan on continuing the story once I have caught up on my reviews and resolved some issues in my own life.

MM: Can you give us a brief summary of what your story is about?

Nicolas L: The story is about a young boy named Kaylen who has supernatural abilities that threaten humankind on Earth, something fallen angels have done centuries ago. The worshiped God, Zyles Quinlet, has realized this and ordered his angels to hunt and kill Kaylen before he is to do harm to his worshipers, which in turn would cut off his life supply. Animal Kingdom, a fallen God who wishes to dismiss Zyles Quinlet, reaches out to Kaylen and offers to take him to Constellation, the parallel Earth where humans like him roam. In order to do that, however, they must travel to the True Amazon, where the Gatekeeper rests, and gain his blessing. 

MM: That sounds amazing! (Though I already knew this because of the review I'm writing up for it.) Hopefully the readers will think so as well and give it a look. Back to what you were saying earlier about reviews, how do you find time to write them up and still work on your personal stories?

Nicolas L: I hope so too! It's all a matter of patience on the community's end. Most of the people who ask for a review are very patient and give me time to deliver it to them, which opens up time for me to write stories of my own. This lets me manage both the review book and my own without feeling overwhelmed. 

MM: See even though I know that the users can be patient, I still feel guilty for taking forever and put my stories on the back burner. Maybe it's a girl thing. Speaking of which, is it a bit intimidating being on a site with very few male writers?

Nicolas L: I totally get what you mean, and before I found myself feeling guilty too. But I found when you take the time to give yourself a break, things begin to feel a lot easier. Also, that is a very nice question. It's true there aren't many male writers on this site, at least not as many as a couple of years ago, but I don't find myself feeling intimidated by that. I feel like there are certain things female writers excel in that male writers don't and vise versa. For instance, I couldn't find myself writing a romance novel, as I'm more interested in the violence, fantasy and horror aspect of things than a pure love story. However I do think that writers share a lot of the same ideas, and that you can't really tie them down to gender at the end of the day.

MM: Fair enough. I agree on your point about women excelling in romance and the males being better at violence and horror.  I'm going to try and wrap this up cause I'm sure you have other things you could be doing. I'd like you to pick two individuals that you look up to. One being a fellow Movellian and the other can be a person in the real world.

Nicolas L: Someone I look up to on Movellas is you, actually. I'm not trying to sound cliche or anything but when I returned to Movellas, you were actually one of the ones that got me into reviewing and helping others. Just seeing how much work you put into your own review book made me want to achieve something like that one day.

Someone I look up to in real life would have to be my good friend, Shannon. She is a bit younger than me, but she was a good friend of mine here on Movellas a couple of years ago, and we actually still keep in touch. She is a perfect mediator, and always talks to you no matter what time it is, if you need her help with something. She encouraged me to come back here, and write again, and was one of the few who consistently tried to help me in my English grammar. Overall though, she is just an amazing and caring person, which is what I want to be one day.

MM: Shut the front door. You did not. Nicolas, if I could hug you right now I would! (Also can I become friends with Shannon too? She sounds amazing!)

Before I have myself a cry I'll move on to the next question. What was something that you wished someone would've said or done when you first arrived and what would your advice be to anyone looking for motivation or encouragement?

Nicolas L: It's true, I promise! (He accompanies this with an x'd out smiley face, the adorable human bean)

What I wished someone would have paid my books more attention when I first joined. Before I got to know everyone, there wasn't much talk about any of my books. Which brings me to the next answer, my advice to anyone looking for encouragement would be to not stop writing. You might find yourself feeling unhappy because you aren't getting feedback or good responses to your stories, but do not stop writing. Writing in itself should be used as a way for you to escape to a story you control, and you shouldn't let views, or comments control your motivation in writing. Sure feedback is great, but if it's not coming in don't beat yourself down. Everyone is an amazing writer in their own way, and everyone has a fan, whether you know them or not.

MM: Well said, Nicolas. Last question: Are you proud to be a Movellian?

Nicolas L: Yes I am very proud to be a Movellian! (Which he finishes with an open mouthed smiley)

MM: That's the spirit! (Smiley face included) I wanna thank you, Nicolas for allowing me to interview you and taking up your time. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I hope the readers will agree with me.

Nicolas L: No, thank you for asking me to do this, it was a very fun experience! 
(Do I leave the Movella now?) (He asks with another x'd out smiley, is he not adorable readers?) 




That was this week's Movellian Interview and I want to thank you for making it this far. If you have some users who you think should be interviewed, leave their profiles in the comments and I'll check them out!

Every Movellian Interview is held on Friday!

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