Movellians Magazine

Welcome to the magazine for Movellians! Inside is QOTD's, articles, Stories of the Week, competitions and interviews with fellow members! Join the MM family in our weekly story series and add on to help continue it!


1. Introduction


Welcome Movellians! This is our Magazine for the readers, by the readers of Movellas. The sole purpose of this magazine is to give you (and myself) something to look forward to throughout the week. It will range in different things so that it hopefully can attain something for everyone.



Every month I will start a new competition that will last the entirety of that month. During which time you have to create whatever the competition entitles and turn it in. (I need time to read them all!) Results will be posted after I go through all the entries (I will figure out a system as time goes on.) and the winner will receive,


the Movellian Star of Approval! I will ask for your cover image so I can attach it to it. (Other options will be available if you don't want it.)




Self explanatory. Every day (excluding the weekends) I will have a Question Of The Day and you can answer it in the comments. The next day I will post the results along with the new question. The topics will change daily so it's not the same every day.


User Interviews

This is again, pretty self explanatory. Every week I will have a user come in so I can question them to let readers know more about them. The questions might differ with different authors depending on what they're known for. This way you not only get to know some of the more popular authors, but also the lesser known ones as well.


Story Of The Week

Every week I will announce what I think should be the Story Of The Week. I will give a small review stating what I liked about it and why it deserves this title. This is so that anyone who hasn't read it might give it a look and make authors work more known.



Every now and again I might write up an article about current events or fan fiction things. Seeing as this is a magazine, you should be reading something and I should be writing more. They might even turn into movie or book reviews.


Story Series

Onto the reading portion! Because this is a magazine and I need something unique, I plan on having an interactive story series. I will start the story and add in something when I get no comments, but this is interactive so you guys can decide what happens next. Obviously the stories will be short, but they'll appear every week and won't end unless you tire of the story.


That's about it. This is not my magazine, but our magazine and I hope to see a lot of interaction. I'm going to try and keep this a daily thing, but if I slip I can only hope you'll remind me. Let's begin my MM family!

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