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39. Article 1:1


Ask MM!


Hello, my fellow Movellians! I'm back again with another article. Only this time it's to tell of a new addition coming to our lovely little magazine. As you may have already read, I am planning on starting up an article series if you will. One that will be heavily influenced by you as the readers. This is where I indulge in all the information you need to know before I can start posting.


Our new segment will be called 'Ask MM' and will include anything from advice requested by you, or questions you may want to know answers to. Every article will have anywhere from five to ten questions (depending on how many I get) that I will answer. You can leave them in the comments or if they're personal and you want to remain anonymous, you can send them on my wall. 


Be sure to have 'Ask MM' somewhere in your comment in you're asking a question. 

- You can ask as many as you want

- They can be as odd as you'd like

- Nothing inappropriate please!


So get started and ask away, my MM family!



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