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Possible Change



Hello, my MM family! Today's article is about a possible change that might be coming to our Magazine. I've thought about it since the first week of posting, but didn't want to issue an article so soon. But now it's been a while and we've developed a system, so I'm here asking for your assistance.


As you know part of our magazine is the weekly QOTD's, which are posted every day except the weekends. Now when I first started this, I was so happy to have them because it meant updating every day. But, as the weeks go on I wonder if I shouldn't get rid of them. 

Not all of them mind you, just the ones that aren't a Movellian favorite. This way I'm posting once a day without the content getting too boring. Which is where you guys come in to help. I need to know if I should get rid of some of the questions and post once a day. Or if I should replace one of them with a weekly poll? This way you have all week to decide your answer as opposed to 24 hours.


I'm also wondering if I shouldn't have a weekly article as well? Something along the lines of a 'Dear Abby,' or 'Ask Amy' like in news columns. It could be titled Dear Movellians, or Ask MM? One article every week for a month with your questions or concerns. I'd make it a bi-monthly thing so you aren't reading articles every month. What do you think?


So in short this is what I need to know from you:

1. Do I keep all the QOTD's?

2. Should I keep some of them- if so, which ones?

3. Replace one of them with a weekly poll?

4. Should I make a bi-monthly article series?


Let me know in the comments what you think and what to decide. Thanks for reading, my MM family!


P.S. In the contents chapter it states what topic question I post on which day. Keep in mind I can always change the day I do them on. 

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