Compass Needle: MPHFPC

They thought it was all over, they thought they had won, they thought that they were safe, but it is only the Beginning. MPHFPC


2. Two

A jet stream of water was shot at our backs, sending us toppling off the fence and onto the foot path below. The girls giggled aloud and ran off for shelter behind a bush, dragging the hose behind them.

“Those little bastard” hissed Enoch peeping over the fence “they’re so rebarbative.” He scowled at the bush then sat back down.

"Says the dumb ass” Bronwyn chuckled and playfully punched him on the arm.

“So what’s or game plan Jacob?” Everyone starred at me waiting for an answer. I was lost for words, I never played fighting games when I was younger, I had only ever done it for real.

“Oh move over hollow boy and let the real War General handle it” Enoch pushed me out of the way began to draw in the dirt. “You two,” he began, pointing at Millard and I “Will go in from behind, Bronwyn, you’ll go with Horace and fill up the buckets out the back, the rest of us will defend with what we have.” We nodded our heads in agreement and stalked our way over to the opening.

Millard had it easy, he just strolled right up behind them without them knowing, I on the other hand had to jump from bush to car, doing my best not to be seen. At one stage I thought Claire saw me but she only gazed at a butterfly fluttering across the garden. Once I had meet up with Millard the girls were having a full on battle with the others. Water and pebbles were flying across the garden but weren’t getting anywhere near the other side, it was hilarious. Bronwyn came from around the corner holding two large buckets in each hand, Horace strolled happily beside her, adjusting his hat.


The buckets were quite heavy and it took a lot of effort to lift them up but the expression on the girls faces were priceless as the water came pouring all over them, they were not happy.

“DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET MY GOURGEOUS LOCKS THIS LUSHOUS?” Claire kicked my leg and dragged Olive inside, passing Hugh at the door way.

“What did I miss?” he said, smiles weakly. His hair was dishevelled (as usual), his face was red from crying and Henry was seated a top of his goggles soaking in the much needed sun.

“Oh just World War three” spat Enoch as he and the others walked up the driveway. Hugh chuckled to himself.

“What’s so funny Bee Baby?’ Enoch said as a smirk spread across his face. He was always able to come up with the most hurtful nicknames. Hugh stopped laughing.

“Well you did mess with Claire’s hair so no wonder” He looked at the ground and combed his fingers through his hair, Enoch had obviously put him back into his sulk-like mood.

“W-what do you mean by that?” I asked, slightly worried.

“Oh, well this one time I accidently messed up her hair right, and the next day I found out that she had eaten all my honey, the little brat. You teach a younger sibling to skull back honey and they use it against you” He pretends to wipe tears from his face.

“Yeah she is very protective over her hair so I’d probably watch your back” Bronwyn patted me on the shoulder as if saying good luck and from what I’ve heard, I was going to need it, we all were.

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