Compass Needle: MPHFPC

They thought it was all over, they thought they had won, they thought that they were safe, but it is only the Beginning. MPHFPC


3. Three

The rest of the day was just awkwardly boring. We had nothing to do since the bird had taken all of our phones and TV privileges, and Hugh and Enoch had given up poking at my laptop, trying to figure out how to open it. So we really just lay on the floor of my bedroom, looking up at the ceiling. No one talked, no one moved. It was extremely boring. Olive was the first to break the silence.

“I miss the Magic video box” she whimpered as she dramatically raised her arms then let them flop back onto the floor.

“You mean the TV” I corrected

“Same thing, same thing” she rolled her eyes and stood up. “Can we go do something, PLEASE!” she begged, kick at our arms hoping that we’d get up in surrender.

“We have nothing to do little one, just enjoy the piece and quite” Bronwyn patted the ground next to her for Olive to sit down.

“We’ve being doing that for the last forever, I want to explore!” she then walked over to me and began shacking at my arm. “Jacob, please can we go for a ride in the metal horse”

“You mean Car” I corrected once again. She rolled her eyes and began to tug at my legs, trying to get me up.

“It’s metal and it moves, LETS GO!” She tugged harder and pulled my boot off my foot and landed hard on the floor, she began to cry.

“There, there little one” called Bronwyn as she crawled over to her aid, “are you okay?” she checked her over for any cuts or bruises, she was fine but continued to cry.


“I give up!” I yelled so that everyone in the room could hear me. She had been crying for a whole ten minutes without stopping and it was beginning to get on my verves. I pulled out the car keys from my pocket and rattled them in the air, Olive immediately stopped crying.

“Okay meet you down stairs then” she quickly stood up and snatched the keys off me before sprinting out of the room and towards the car.

“That one is so dramatic” Horace muttered as he too stood up and dusted off his suit. Enoch chuckled to himself. “What’s so funny?” Horace asked giving him the death stare.

“Well it’s only that you are a dramatic princess and -” Horace lunged himself at Enoch before he had time to finish his sentence. For someone that wears a suit he could sure throw a punch.

“Okay you two take it out side, NOW” yelled Bronwyn as she separated the both of them and kicked them out of the room. They scowled at her then each other before making their way down the stairs. We walked out of the room once we knew it was safe and began to make our way down the stairs ourselves.

Emma and I were having an argument on whose peculiarity was better (and of course it was mine) when I actually collapsed on the stairs and tumbled onto Hugh in front of me. The pain in my stomach was strong and I felt weak all of a sudden. The others gathered around me. I hadn’t felt a pain like this in a while, only ever in my dreams, but this time it was a lot stronger than usual.

My limbs were numb and everything was a blur. I could hear Emma’s sweet voice but couldn’t make out what she was saying. Was I dying or was this a warning of a sort? It couldn’t possibly be a hollow, there all dead, aren’t they? I tried to reach out for help but couldn’t seem to move my arm. The last thing I saw was a large black figure join the children before everything went black.

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