Compass Needle: MPHFPC

They thought it was all over, they thought they had won, they thought that they were safe, but it is only the Beginning. MPHFPC


9. Nine

The rest of the day was extremely boring; I fell asleep in class numerous time only to be woken up be Millard slapping my back or the teacher throwing a marker at me, at the end of school I found out that my car had been keyed (by some dick head obviously) and had to bandage up Millard’s hand because he was stupid enough to play with a switch knife and slice his hand open, now there is a piece of blood cloth following me around the house.
“Can I take it off now, it’s stopped bleeding!” Millard hasn’t stopped complaining since I put the bandage on him, he says that his peculiarity is useless if he is able to be seen but I am not having his blood tracked around my house.

“Shut up already, I need my beauty sleep” Claire, who was in mud mask and hair curlers popped her head from around the corner.

“Ahhhhh! It’s a Monster!” Hugh chucked and gave her a quick squeeze, she only glared at him.

“This is what we call beauty treatment, ever heard of it before?” Claire giggled to herself before turning on her heels and walking back down hall, Hugh followed her complaining that he had just recently tried to wear a natural honey/Avo beauty mask to bed but instead ate it before it even touched his face and had worn the birds make up plenty of times. Enoch’s eye brows rose when he heard this, as if he had just thought up another devious plan and slowly backed into the darkness of his room.

“Please can I take it off, it’s been a whole 10 minutes, that is surly long enough, I am tired of being visible, PLEASE”

“Just let him take it off or he’ll scream the house down” Bronwyn was lying on the coach and had a pillow over her head trying to block out the noise, olive was floating on top of her sing random little rhymes over the top of his complaining. I groaned, I obviously wasn’t going to win this ridiculous battle.

“Fine, take the dam thing off just don’t leave it. . . .” before I could even finish my sentence Millard ripped off the blood soaked bandage and tossed it onto the ground. “. . . . On the floor”. I rolled my eyes and tossed it into the trash using a pencil.

“I am glad that’s over” sighed Horace as he put down the newspaper that he was pretending to read. “I thought he’d never stop”

“You didn’t do much to help” Bronwyn spat

“Well that is true but I didn’t really care so . . . . .” He smirked and walked off leaving Bronwyn glaring at his back.

“If I had him alone I would give him a bloo-”

“Now, now Bronwyn, we do not talk that way” Miss Peregrine glided into the room and pulled Olive down from the ceiling.

“Sorry Miss Peregrine” Bronwyn blushed and stormed out of the room, Olive bobbing behind her. Now I was completely alone with Miss Peregrine, I was quite awkward.

“Mr Portman . . . . .” she began in a shaky voice, I already knew that this wasn’t going to be a good conversation. “I have received a destress call from a fellow Ymbryne in London, I will have to head back to my brother’s house to assess whatever is going on, I shall be gone for a couple of weeks and I need you to look after my charges”

“Miss Peregrine I . . . I can’t” I stared at her blankly.

“Mr Portman, You have no choice, I leave at dawn and that's final, I hope I have your understanding” and with that she moved towards the kitchen to prepare supper. I flopped onto the coach and combed my hair with my fingers.

“She’s leaving again” Emma popped her head from around the corner and sat on the coach next to me.

“It appears so” I sighed heavily.

“She can’t just leave again, we have only just got her back” She rested her head on my shoulder. “What if she doesn’t come back, what if something bad happens, what if-”

“Exactly, what if” I looked her in the eyes and smiled, What if . . . . . .

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