Compass Needle: MPHFPC

They thought it was all over, they thought they had won, they thought that they were safe, but it is only the Beginning. MPHFPC


5. Five

Emma and I sat talking and secretly peeking at each other’s cheeks until Miss Peregrine came in to check on me. A smile of relief spread across her face when she saw I was up.

“Mr Portman, thank goodness your awake, I was so worried” She sat down on the end of my bed and pulled out a small vial of brownish liquid. I groaned.

“Complain all you want Mr Portman, you have to have you medicine, people don’t collapse on the stairs for no reason you know” She poured the medicine into a spoon and tried to force in into my mouth, I pushed it away.

“Miss Peregrine -” I started but was interrupted by the spoon being shoved to the back of my throat, I chocked on the bad flavour before spitting it out on the floor.

“Mr Portman, this is for your own good”

“But Miss Peregrine!” I yelled and snatched the spoon off her, she glared. “Miss Peregrine, I am not ill, I . . . . .” I was lost for, how was I to tell her without causing a panic?

“Miss Peregrine, Jacob could feel that a hollow was nearby, right Jacob” Emma peered over Miss Peregrines shoulder and shot me a look as if saying ‘answer the dam woman’.

“Um . . . . .  yeah, I did, but this time it was a lot stronger than usual. It was like some type of warning” I explained hoping that Miss peregrine wouldn’t think I was lying just to get out of having my medicine. She looked at the both of us, making sure that we weren’t lying, waiting for us to crack under the pressure, but we didn’t, that’s when she realised how serious this was.

“Well then, our best bet is to not tell the others, I don’t want them to freak out before you go to school tomorrow”

“School!” Yelled someone from behind the door. There was a lot of groans and the sound of Enoch’s voice as he yelled at who ever had blown their cover. Miss Peregrine stomped over towards the door and swung it open, Claire tumbled onto the floor.

“Children, polite children do not listen in on others conversations!” Miss Peregrine crossed her arms and starred at them, they all avoided making eye contact.

“Do we really get to go to school?” Asked Olive excitedly as she bounced along the ceiling.

“Yes children, now run along and prepare for breakfast before I change my mind”

“But Miss Peregrine” Claire said, tugging at her skirt “what . . . . .  what about the hollow?” Miss peregrine knelt down and looked Claire directly in the eyes, she spoke calmly.

“All we be fine my dear, just don’t worry about it okay” and with that she shooed them all away, she even kicked Emma out of the room, which I didn’t like but I think she wanted to talk about something important.

She looked at me in a way that I disliked very much, the same way she looked at me when we rescued her from Cual’s grasp, she was scared.

“Mr Portman” she started and moved her eyes from me to the floor “My brothers, when we closed the loop they both would have . . . . . .” she was finding it hard to speak and her voice was cracking up.

“I know Miss” I gave her a kind smile before getting out of bed and strolling into the hall way.


After breakfast Emma pulled me aside to see what Miss Peregrine and I were talking about that was apparently too important for her to know about and she looked pissed when I gave her my answer, I don’t know if it was because I was able to summarise it up in one sentence or that Miss peregrine didn’t tell her.

“What do you mean that Miss Peregrine’s brothers are hollows?” She starred at me waiting for an answer. I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know how this type of stuff works” I avoided eye contact and portended to be interested in an ugly vase that my mum got from Peru.  

“Well lucky for you, I do” Millard came from around the corner wearing my clothes.

“Millard . . . . . . Why are you wearing my clothes, you a have a full closet of your own? I looked him up and down. He was wearing my old Disney land top and tweed pants, he looked like an invisible version me from when I was six.

“What? There comfortable, anyway, when the loop closed permanently Caul and Myron Bentham would have become Hollowgasts, like when Bentham tricked Caul into believing that they could accomplish their goal by becoming immortals by performing a ritual which actually closed the loop that they were in turning him and his followers into Hollowgasts, its quite easy really, I don’t understand how you didn’t realise that sooner” He chuckled to himself before turning and walking away.

“Smart ass” I heard Emma say under her breath.

“So . . . . . . . what now?” I turned to face Emma who was going a bit red. “Emma” I waved my hand in front of her face, knocking her out of what may have been a violent day dream (about Millard, may I add)

“Oh yes, sorry, what were you saying?” she shook her head and looked at me, showing I had all of her attention.

“I said what do you want to do deaf ears?” I chuckle and gave her a tight squeeze. “Don’t worry, that can be our little secret” She rolled our eyes and punched my arm with a burning fist. It hurt but I didn’t complain, I had only just brought her back into a good mood and I didn’t need her ripping my hair out too.

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