Compass Needle: MPHFPC

They thought it was all over, they thought they had won, they thought that they were safe, but it is only the Beginning. MPHFPC


8. Eight

“He did what?” Emma’s hands began to grown red as I told her about Enoch’s stupidity.

“He had a full on sass off with the bitch they call a teacher” Millard replied for me “He even dramatically entered the room like he did when Jacob first arrived, it was hilarious” Millard chuckles to himself but Emma was not amused.

“He is such an idiot, he even said he’s raise something using her heart, is he trying to get us discovered?” She slammed her fist onto the table leaving a black burn mark.

“Is everything okay back there?” asked Mr Irwin from the front of the class.

“Um yes sir, everything is okay” Emma blushed and pretended to be writing stuff down, slowly burning the pencil as she wrote. 

“Okay then, Can anyone tell me anything about world war II?” He looked around the room, awaiting an answer, Hugh shoot his hand up. “Ah yes Mister Apiston, take it away”

“Well on September the 3rd, 1940, at exactly 8:55pm the Germans bombed our house”

“He means ‘A’ house Sir” Emma glares at Hugh, he only winks back as if understanding.

“Yeah, a house on an island for special children, not us in particular though, we are completely normal kids” he smiled happily to himself like some type of weirdo, Emma groans.

“Um, okay then, how do you know so much about World War II?”

“Um . . . . . Er . . . . Oh, I watched a documentary on the magic video box” Hugh replied, slightly un-sure about his answer.

“The what?” Mr Irwin was obviously confused.

“He meant the television” I said in a hurry, kicking Hugh under the table “sorry, he doesn’t get out much”

“I can tell” and with that Mr Irwin rolled his eyes and began writing on the bored.


“Are you trying to get us exposed?” cried Emma as we ate our lunch on the steps “You had a stupid sass of with the English teacher and you told the entire class our back story, you should both be ashamed of what you have done” the boys avoided making eye contact with her. I stood next to Emma trying to act like the good cop.

“Yeah you tell them” I said, cheering her on.

‘You can’t talk, you helped them” Emma pushed me down into a sitting poison, making her seem a lot more powerful than me.

“What did I do?” I asked slightly confused.

“You sat there and did nothing, that’s what you did, now think about what you’ve done, the bird will defiantly be hearing about this” and with that she sashayed away with Bronwyn and Horace (and maybe Millard) towards the canteen.

“What’s her problem?” whisper Hugh once the coast was clear “I only answered the teachers question and I do get out a lot thank you very much, I have to let henry pollinate everyday” He glared at me for some time before look at the crowd of people rushing across the school oval.

“I was only making up a cover story, I didn’t say it to offend you” I groaned. “Your so dramatic”

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