Johns first time on a secret auction

One day, John, knowing from nothing, went to an local auction because of his bestie and then, something was there, that shouldn't be there. Something, that was never set on auction before. He couldn't believe his eyes. He couldn't resist and had to buy it and that has changed his whole life. Read to find out, what he bought!


1. The spark of hope

It was in april, when our parents left us. My brother was the only one, whom i had, now. When our parents were still alive, he was caring and loving towards me, but after theyr death he turned into a real monster! He always let his anger out at me but i was innocent. He slipped down the latter of sociaty. He was now a bully. Towards his own sister. Why did he do all this and grusesonme things to me, i was everything he had left. That asshole, i wished mum and dad would be here so that everything would be normal again. One day he topped all the bad things that he did to me. We didnt have neough money to keep us out of water, so he decided that it would be the best thing to bring me to a sex slave auction. First, he wanted me to prostitute myself but then he recognized that the auction would gain him much more money. He dragged me to the auction against my free will. I wanted to have nothing to do with all that stuff. i was really afraide and cried the whole drive over. He didnt even look once into my wet eyes. What a monster. The whole time he was just quiet and didnt even answer my questions. After a while i just gave it up to try to reason with him. My parents would have never allowed such a thing. He only cared for himself. After ten more minutes, he stoppped the car engine and came to my side to open the door. I couldnt do it myself because i was tied together with a rope. He opened the door and took my arm roughly with his hand and dragged me to a big building. While we were driving, the sky was getting darker and darker and now i could see even stars. I tried to reason again with my older brother; Please dont bring me in there! I will do everything for you if you let me go home with you! Please i dont wanna be sold to older men! Im only 16! No! Help! Please help! The only thing he did was dragging me more roughly to the entrance of the building while saying; Shut up, its all your fault that our parents died you bitch! And now i even have to care for you all day long! I dont care if you have to sleep with older men or not, just go away from me! I deserve the money that i will gain from that because i had to look out for you since weeks now! Now go in there! He pushed me to the door, which wasnt locked. After i had to step in the building because of my brother, i saw light inside the big room. The building was an unused firm. My brother walked in front of me and dragged me to a door at the other side of the room. I could hear men talking inside. My brother stopped and let go of my arm. He looked me in the eyes and said; If you dont behave in there, it will be the last thing you are doing! I promised the men inside that you are a first class girl so behave like that or you will regret it! Dont try to run away, or i will punish you more then i did backj home! Understand? I just could nod beause he took my left arm again and squeezed very hard. My face twisted in agony. He then, reached out for the knob of the door and opened it a bit to look in. After he made sure that everything was going well in there, he opned it completely to let us in. Inside i could see up to fifty men in dark businss suits which were sitting in many rows on iron chairs that where spread out in the room. He griped my arm firmly again and dragged my in the senter of the room. I was too scared to edefend my self and just walked beside him. Then he threw me on to the concrete cold floor and said; dont you move! Then he walked to man, who was standuig just in the corner. They talked about something that i wasn't able to hear from my position and then he just walked out of the room and left me alone with all the men. I just looked around in all the eyes of the men in front of me but all i could see was coldness and lust.Some of them even giggled. I couldnt say anything and so i was just quiet. I didnt had enough clothes on. I felt really dirty and without any dignity. Suddenly, the door in the back left cornor spun open and i saw someone walk in. It was an handsome looking guy who seemed to be in my age. I couldnt look away from his beautiful eyes. His next words sounded really surreal when he spoke them, he kneeled down to my height, took my face in one of his hands and startet to carress it while he said: you dont have to be scared anymore, i am here now. And this was the moment when i realized that my life was going to change completely. I felt hope again, which i didn't had felt since a few weeks now. Who was this strange handsome guy with deep blue eyes? Find out!

( IMPORTANT !!! If you let me know that you wanna read more then i will continue the story and you will find out what special thing John bought and how the storie goes on! I will only say, in the next chapter, things will get hot!)

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