Bursting Bubbles

What happens when you get a shy but popular middle schooler and turn her into a super hero? You've seen the stories before but this one is a totally different bubble I swear!


2. The Rise of Love Leaf

There was something very odd about Aiamenia Nana Memory that not everyone notices right away upon meeting her. Aside from her angel like appearance, her mind was not as innocent as everyone liked to think. She probably did not realize this but as she peeked at Sky Saun walking with his buds behind the pillar of the school courtyard's gazebo, something inside her began to grow. 


That morning Cosmo Politicia was called to the office. 

"There she is." One of the school secretaries stood in wait next to a boy her age. "This girl will be your ambassador, Cosmo meet Dameon Uyane, he's a new transfer student be sure to show him around okay?" 

"Mm..." Cosmo begins to sweat underneath the transfer student's flat gaze. He had calculative green eyes and neatly groomed raven black hair. Cosmo doesn't know why but for some reason she felt like she was standing before her Father, a far shorter, smaller version. She swallows.

"N-n-nice to meet you...." She puts out her hand to shake it and the transfer student takes a few seconds to study her nervous facade wordlessly.  Tilting his head a little with pursed lips, the transfer student shakes it. His grip was strong, Cosmo realizes after she recovers her hand. Even though he didn't seem it and this made Cosmo even more wary of him. 

While they walk through the hall Cosmo took two steps backwards and to the right of him. From the corner of his eye the boy notices but he says nothing, instead he folds his hands behind his back. A common pose her Father always used indeed.

"My first period schedule was German, correct?" 

"Y-yes!" Cosmo squeaks, the school secretary had handed a copy to his folder to her earlier and so now she opens it to take a look. "It's in room two twenty one."

"I know." Dameon says. "Where is the 200 building located?"

"U-uh...um..."Out of all times now, was the one where her mind had decided to go blank, in the corner of her eye she spots Aiamenia standing behind her pillar, for a second she thought she saw something red on her back but after blinking it disappeared.

"Aiame!" Cosmo calls her out. Dameon follows the girl's gaze to the blonde haired girl that hurries over. Her movement was swift yet somewhat graceful, a complete opposite of her friend.

"What's up?"

"Do you remember where the 200 hallway is?" Cosmo whispers.

Aia notices the second presence then and when she sees him stiffens. 

"Ambassador work again?" Aia focuses on the wall behind the two. It was Cosmo's Father, the headmaster of the school who came up with the brilliant idea of making her an ambassador in order to force her to interact with more people and get over her fears. Cosmo nods. 

Aia opens up her backpack and fishes out what looks like a brochure.

"Give this to him." Aia mutters. 

"What's this?" Cosmo opens the brochure revealing a map. "Ah, this!"

It was a map of the school, that they made for a school assignment. The map was very detailed, for not only showed lockers but labeled certain area's of the school as belonging to certain social groups.

"You can make a photo copy of this and give it back to me," Aia walks around the two, she made sure not to make eye contact with the second party. "Later."


A silence falls.

"Ah!" Cosmo realizing her rudeness holds a hand to her mouth. "That was my friend. Aia, I'm sorry I didn't introduce you two...though I don't think she would want- I mean here!" Cosmo hands him the map, after studying it for a while he finally looks up.

"Well, this means that I no longer need you doesn't it?"

"Um," Cosmo begins to sweat. She'd get scolded if her Father found out that she left.

"But you don't know about the social norms of our school yet!"

"I can learn, I'm very good at reading people." Dameon walks off and Cosmo hurries after him.

"Please wait!"


"Aia!" As Aia hurried down the hall to her first period class, one of her friends Summer Morgan, runs after her to catch up.


"Valentine's day is coming up you know and I heard from my Mum that your Father's going to be holding a ball at your place! I've never been to your place before!!" 

Aia smiles a small smile, she was like her Father, Uranus Memory- well known for throwing memorable parties. Summer Morgan worked for the school newspaper club and broadcasting station so she was always flagging down Aia, the most popular and asking for any new reports, because there was something else that many people- that not even Cosmo knew. And that was her uncontrollable habit of people watching and stalking.

"That party is for his business partners." Aia explains. 

"I know," Summer nods. "But I was thinking that this year, maybe you should do one too! It'll be super fun, like prom or homecoming only better!" 

Like usual, listening to Summer, Aia felt inspired.

"I think I've got an idea, but I'll get back to you once I fully visualize it." She tells her. Summer grins so wide all her braces in her teeth are exposed. Since kindergarten she was often shunned by the others for having a big mouth, this must be the reason why.

"I'm giving you until tomorrow then!"

Aia nods. 

"Ooooooh!" A voice comes out from behind her and Aia turns to stare at a strange flying doll. It was a rose doll. It had pale green skin, leaf wings, and roses for hair. "This is going to be so exciting!" 

"Ah..." Aia, surprised but at the same time not, smiles at the new persona. "You must be Loveleaf." 



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