Bursting Bubbles

What happens when you get a shy but popular middle schooler and turn her into a super hero? You've seen the stories before but this one is a totally different bubble I swear!


1. Manifesting Emotions

Bubbles falls right on her ass, or rather bounces.

Once on her first fall, and the fifth sent her crashing into one of the cars in the parking lot.

"Bubbles!" Through her headset she could hear the voice of her concerned persona, Ghost voicing his concern. The attack shouldn't have made contact to begin with but the fact that it did meant that the minds of the two weren't in sync, specifically hers.

Bubbles doesn't answer  the voice, her gaze was null and fixed on the sky. Her mind wasn't here in this moment it was fixated on the events starting from three months ago.


Three months ago Cosmo was sighing at their table during lunch, and in response, Aiamenia Memory did what she always did whenever she saw any friend feeling distressed; She asked what's wrong. Cosmo blushes and shakes her head while peering sadly at her plate of tiramisu. Seeing her best friend look so sad while seated before her favorite dessert dish was the second red flag. There was seriously something wrong here and she would get down to the bottom of it. 

"Hey Aia, Ms. Moo!" Ferrin August, the school's local bully comes to pay his respects with his friends. 

The girls nod in greeting, but they were both distracted. Seeing this Ferrin moves on and as he does so Cosmo's eyes widen a little as she looks up. Aia traces her lingering gaze to a table across the room. There one of the most handsome boys in their grade was laughing it up with his friends... Aia recognizes him, Sky Saun. He was a lot chubbier in their previous years but since his return from Summer break, you could say that he evolved. He Shedded off the extra fat that was his cocoon and blossomed into a charming social butterfly. He had gotten hot- no he had always been, Cosmo had been the first one to notice and now all the girls in school had too. 

It was no wonder she was feeling so deflated. 

Aia could not ask what her friend would do, because that would mean that she did not know her friend at all. 

Cosmo and Aia were very similar girls, both shy and socially awkward to some degree. While Cosmo was generally anthrophobic, Aia was Androphobic, excluding her Father she had never talked to any other boy besides Ferrin August and that's only because of his relentless pursuit. Unlike Cosmo, she didn't have a problem talking to girls, in fact- Aia was pretty popular among the female student population herself, for a number of reasons.

After processing this new information about Cosmo, Aia's mind went blank. Why? Well...

Mr. Memory spat out his tea upon hearing it. After coughing he clears his throat and turns to look at his twelve year old daughter who innocently stared up back at him.

"Not me," She says after reading his gaze. "A friend."

"A friend you say," Mr. Memory seats himself in his usual recliner while he wipes the table with a napkin. "If I were in her situation, I'd have nipped the bud even before it began to blossom." 


Seeing that his explanation only seemed to confuse her even more, Mr. Memory eyes her.

"She liked him for so long yet she only watched him from afar, if someone eats the bananas sitting in the basket before it rots then good for them!" He says.

Aia furrows her brows at him.

"But what if no one got to it and it rots?"

"Well someone can use it to make banana pudding." Mr. Memory looks past her with a far off look in his eyes.

"You know what, I'm kind of craving some as we speak." 

Aia trudges into her room. 

"What's the matter Aia?" The cyan watch on her wrist morphs into a cloud of blue jelly while her pink bunny back pack  and purple choker does the same. As if all this were perfectly normal she seats herself on her bed, completely unbothered by the strange beings in her room. 

"I thought you weren't interested in boys...or anyone in that matter." The pink bunny teddy bear with dove wings, Gum climbs onto her bed and seats herself next to Aia. 

"I'm not, but Cosmo is. This is...this is really surprising." 

"How so?" Ghost hovers in the air with his usual unfazed look, he pushes up his glasses. "Most girls your age start liking boys in a romantic way." 

Aia raises her eyebrows at him. 


"Still, the fact that Cosmo's feelings of admiration have lasted this long for that boy... means that she's serious." 

"That's right? She looked really down today. Just watching her put a real damper on my mood." Gum clicks her tongue.

Aia is quiet and everyone notices this. 

Terra, the batcat places a paw on her thigh as if in knowing. 

"I'm just worried that she'll get hurt." Aia mumbles.

"She will get hurt." Mr. Memory enters the room with a box of bread pudding. He offers Gum some who gleefully gobbles it up in one go. Terra takes some too. Aside from Mr. Memory no one else knew about Aia's personas, as far as anyone else knew they were just her imaginary friends.

"You can't be sure!" Aia frowns at him. 

"She will." Mr. Memory says matter-of-factly. "It's a given, do you know why that is?"

"Because she didn't eat the bananas?" Gum asks. 

Mr. Memory beams at the stuffed animal. 

"Exactly. If you sit still, nothing will happen." 

Hearing this, Aia rises from her bed, with clenched fists . Usually she wasn't one to argue with him, but for some reason she was getting really worked up about this.

"Good things come to those who wait!"

"That's only true in matters of patience, you said that all your friend did was watch the guy right? She never spoke with him, he might not even be aware of her existence. If she's lucky, maybe he will notice and approach her. But the chances of that happening is pretty slim, there are a lot of kids at your school." After talking he digs up a scoop of pudding/

"She's lucky!" Aia yells out of nowhere. Her sudden outburst shocks everyone. The spoonfull of pudding falls on the carpet. Aia slaps her chest.

"Because I just so happen to be her guardian angel!"


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