Inspirational Poems-Spiritual (Religious) and poems in General that would inspire your mind

These are inspirational poems that would blow your mind making the reader reflect on God and life. The poems give lessons and messages to be taught.


5. Why do you plot evil you mighty one?

(written on Friday 27th November, 2015)

You threaten me, you threaten my soul
And you come here and have no control
Being as a thorn in my side
What but God's grace can foil the devilish power,
As I am tortured every second, every hour
You cause innocent people to be bullied all your might
You do not care not care or have any fright
Pretending to be my friend
Bullying my life to the very end
Making friendship hear sweet sounding
Telling other people lies
There's no one to hear my cries
You who plot evil day and night
You whose heart is very hard
You think you can make me depart from my God
And from walking the path that he hath trod,
You gather all of your evil bandits
Trying to descend me into the pit 
Why do the heathen rage?
Why do their elements assuage?
They push evil darts 
And poison people's hearts 
And onesidedness terror reigns oh I know
The world does not investigate my pain
From my so-called friends who are only like foes
Breaking my heart, giving it a strain
They who want to test me say the same
Telling me I want to test their faith
When really they boil up with hate
As they predict bad for my fate
What did I do, What have I done?
I did not treat my own any wrong
That is why I can take care of anyone
And I can rejoice when anything is done
For I know that God is on my side
When other helpers fail and comforts flee
The Lord helps the helpless o' he abides with me
Though you think you can dump my life in the cemetery,
You think that you are getting through but you're not,
You are not succeeding in your evil plot,
My weeping may endure for a night 
Joy cometh in the morning, a new day is dawning
My flame for God will forever be akindling
Though you make my heart broken
The Lord is my shepherd, the help of his children
I will stand up far or near
And not cower in a corner
I am never shaken
Even though I seem to be beaten
Let me stand up, let me stand out
I'm not afraid of 1000's of people who set themselves up against me round about
You told me that I should not see the light of day,
That I should try to step on the brink,
That I am a hypocrite
Guess what! You cannot shake me o' so dear
You cannot make me tremble in fear
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, 
I do not care who wants to rave and rant
Respect is earned, Respect is given
It wouldn't be given if I'm not one of God's children
Who loves unconditionally, unlimited chances,
Who always does the holy dances
Nobody's rights should you infringe
Otherwise you know you will be exposed, 
Judged by Heaven's door
So respect others young and old, let us be so very bold,
Do not be o' so cold
Let the love of God enfold
Gathering all your evil army
Trying to dump my life in the cemetery
Guess What! Even though you win and you conspire,
You will feel the consequences that are dire,
You think you can dump my life in the grave, And say mission accomplished,
Listen to what I have to say, 
Leave me alone, I bellow and groan,
Leave me alone oppressors
Stop playing your evil games
But even if you don't hear and I still have my cross to bear 
I will not spare them 
I will fight for my rights to the end
I rest my life assured that my case is won come what may Victory is mine, It is mine I say,
Evil you could play
Trying to make a fool out of me 
Leave me alone or your tongue will be shut
The mouths of liars shall be surely silenced or stopped
But I have one question to you who put me in danger
You act like a total stranger
This is the earnest question I would like you to answer: 

Why do you plot evil you mighty one?



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