Inspirational Poems-Spiritual (Religious) and poems in General that would inspire your mind

These are inspirational poems that would blow your mind making the reader reflect on God and life. The poems give lessons and messages to be taught.


6. Unfair treatment but still strong( Persecution, day after day-hideous but Perseverance-holding on: Good will come in the end

(written on Monday 18th January 2016):

Sometimes I ask this question to myself
Why am I being bullied because I am innocent
To hear jealous crows laughing at your accomplishments
Then pretend to be your friend
Making friendship hear sweet sounding
They always look for evidence
Now others are extremely deceived
Thinking that I am too delinquent, too rude 
Because I stand up for myself, not to be a fool
Someone told me that I love to take her space
That I love to take her square in her face,
I am not sparing her,
I am not sparing her, 
I will fight for my right forever 
They scorn and bully my life to the very end
Trying to slay my heart
Trying to tear me apart
When I am trying to stand for my right
They say I'm pretending saying to lessen my noise
If I don't stop they will silence my tongue as if:
No one to hear my plight
No one to comprehend my cries
I am left alone in a dark and broken world
Only to suffer at the hands of brutish people who seem to be very accustomed to doing evil
They're deceived: I am very bold
I am a child of God 
Continue to walk in the path that he hath trod,
Come what may anything, I am not giving up on my faith
Everything is right infront of them 
They refuse to see their eyes in a bad state
They judge me yet retort back to me judge not,
Their judgements are of evil plots
Why do you plot evil you mighty one?
You say mission is accomplished
My friends have become my enemies today,
Everyone watches me in scorn
Expecting me to be forlorn 
When I did not even commit any wrong
I will continue to hold on 
Though you seem to win with a master plan 
Good will triumph over evil in this land,
You thought that you could make a fool out of me,
Tried to dump my life in the cemetery
But I'll remain steadfast 
Till my reward in Heaven comes at last
Even though you seem to win and you conspire,
You will feel the consequences that are dire,
The battle has been already drawn 
That is why I will continue to press on
Though it seems you make me mourn,
Glory keeps beckoning,calling me to a place where happiness is forevermore 
I will never let anything get in the way,
I'm not afraid of anything or anybody's might,
Persons tell me that they want to be smart
Want to pretend to have kind love in their heart
When really their words are not from Heaven above
How they would treat their own 
As if they cannot do better to leave me alone,
When really they bully me from head to toe
What but God's grace can foil the viscous power 
As I am tortured every second, every hour
They cause many people to be deceived,
And make me feel as if I'm one of the bereaved,
I will continue to hold on no matter what 
Though there are sadistic people who think that I am a door mat, I am not
They say that God is not on my side
Trying to make me feel obliged 
To become one of them a hater of my own self,
No! I will not move from a good to a bad state 
You made me lose my very best friends today
Why do you rage?
Why do your elements assuage?
Your darts are like poison love-in-a-squeeze
But my love for God will forever increase
I will never let them get in the way
My God is manifested here below 
I will continue to hold on and never let go 
For my Heavenly Father loves me so
And I will fight for my right forevermore.



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