Inspirational Poems-Spiritual (Religious) and poems in General that would inspire your mind

These are inspirational poems that would blow your mind making the reader reflect on God and life. The poems give lessons and messages to be taught.


7. Perseverance Fight!! Good will come in the end.....😉💒

(written on Tuesday 30th May 2017):

I'm not sparing him

I'm not sparing him

He who prowls himself like a king

Acting like he is in royalty 

Putting other people in jeapordy

Making friendship hear sweet sounding

O how he is so deceiving

Now others think I'm too delinquent,too rude 

Because I stand up for myself, not to be a fool

You threaten me, you threaten my soul

And you come here and have no control

Being as a thorn in my side

What but God's grace can foil this inhumane power

As I am tortured every second, every hour

You cause innocent people to be bullied all your might

You do not care and have any fright

Pretending to favour me

When really you are an enemy

Telling other people lies

There's no one to hear my cries

When I'm trying to stand for my right

You say to stop speaking as if I'm speaking guile

I'm not sparing him, I'm not sparing him

I will fight for my right forever

Trying to slay my heart

Trying to break it apart

But the goodness of God is on my life

As he is with his servants

You beckon me to come closer and closer to you

Trying to isolate me from everybody,

Trying to make me feel as if I'm one of the bereaved,

Trying to do things to knock my life in the cemetery

Trying to make a fool out of me

But thank you Jesus for giving me discernment 

A gift of discernment, just like you give all of your children, 

As I'm included in one of them (your children)

I am a Christian, I respect others rights

I also tell others of the love of Jesus Christ

But there are many biters, persecutors, slanderers and haters

Who thought that I had depart,

That I no longer have the love of Christ in my heart

Because of the persecution you give me

Because of the lying perceptions you deceive others of who you really are,

But I'm not your garbage pan

Or anybody to trample on

I am just like you, only a human

My friends have become my mortal foes today

You say mission is accomplished

Most people look at me in scorn

Expecting me to be forlorn 

When I didn't even commit any wrong

Trying to silence my tongue as if:

No one to hear my plight

No one to understand my cries

I am left alone in a black, hell hole, broken world 

Only to suffer at the hands of brutish people who seem very accustomed to doing evil, 

Why do you plot evil you mighty one?

Do you know you'll fail in your master plan

Even though you seem to win and you conspire

You will feel the consequences that are dire

If you don't reconsider your evil ways now you will be judged, judged by Heaven's door, judged in this door forevermore,

When I am tempted to act back, to do evil to this mighty one

A voice resounds in my ear from my Lord Jesus that:

"Remember that vengeance doesn't belong to you

Avenge not for yourself, I will take care of everything in good time, my best time, I will help you

Vengeance is mine I will definitely repay."

Yes vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Most High God

I will wait and watch

All ungratefulness and terror oh so blight

Lord help me, please Lord Lord help my plight

From viscous humans who love to bite

Their heart is heavy o not light

But I'm not afraid of anybody's might

Let me stand up, let me stand out

I don't care if you doubt

You are edging me, edging me close to the wall

You always make a mockery, wanting me to slip and fall

And devises wicked debauchery

With your nasty and evil schemes

To you who have evil dreams

Hello to those who love to see me

Hello to you who loves my life in the cemetery

I have come to let you know

You don't know who you're dealing with

You are trying to descend me into the pit

Stop playing your evil games

The Lord Jesus vindicates, he is the help of his children

Even if you don't hear and I still have my cross to bear

I will not spare him

I will fight for my rights to the end

Good will triumph over evil in this land

My Jesus is my deliver, provider, buckler and shield

He will never ever forsake his own, yes Jesus takes the wheel,

I will not move from a good to a bad state

My love for God will forever increase

Trying to predict bad for my fate

Now others seem to come at your beck and call

But tables will turn right around

My Most High God will avenge all of your evil plots

Your evil darts thrown at me

Trying to plunge my life in the cemetery

But good in the hood will come at last

I have never let anything get in the way

Of how my Christian role has to play

My flame for God (Jesus) will forever be akindling

I will never give up and continue to hold on to Jesus hands,

To hold on and never let go 

For Father Jesus loves me so.

IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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