Inspirational Poems-Spiritual (Religious) and poems in General that would inspire your mind

These are inspirational poems that would blow your mind making the reader reflect on God and life. The poems give lessons and messages to be taught.


2. Persecuted,tried, but Perseverance-staying strong

feeling confident

(written on Wednesday 7th October, 2015)

Hello there everybody who would like to see me,
Hello to those who love my life in the cemetery,
I have come to let you know,
I am not afraid of your nasty schemes,
Or your threats to me you know,
You don't know who you are dealing with, You are trying to descend me into the pit,
I know others bully the life of me, Bully my life to the very end,
Yet pretend to be my friend,
When being asked how is friendship going,
They make it hear sweet sounding,
Oh how are they so deceiving, 
And they are so full of lying
For my perpetrators are so deceptive,
Yet act as if they are detectives,
Trying to come up with evidence,
To show that I am the one with schemes,
To show that I am the one with evil dreams
Oh how devious! Oh how I hate their tactics,
I cannot take it-they who are slandering,
I have to protest against it-their actions that are so hating
Haters that's what they are,Trying to slay my heart,
Trying to tear me apart,
But the goodness of God is on my life,
I will dwell in the house of God forever
Even though there is battle and strife,
The battle has been drawn,
As it was given to me in a dream,
When those wicked humans tried to end my life,
Tried to make it seem like suicide
And:One individual I don't know her name,
She does not even know me face to face,
But formed an alliance with my main foe,
She did not know how things go,
But as she was jealous of me ,
And just like the others dumping my life in the grave,
Joined an alliance with my main foe,
Who had so much resentment against me ,
Held hands together up high saying"Mission accomplished",
With my main foe advising this girl I don't know,
Together they went and gathered groups,
They too went out of jealousy ,
Setting almost to all of my friends against me, 
Making them my mortal enemies,
Making my life at wits end,
Because I have lost my very best friends
I was tempted to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Because as was now my life is in the rough,
But I take my trial with ease, persevere, For with God everything is possible, 
The Lord had held my hand, And said to me"don't give up the fight
Get up and fight with all your might,
Everything is going to be good in my time-the best time I will help you,"
If the Lord had not been on my side may I say,
It might have been too late
Where would I be?
Those people may have succeeded in drawing devious attention against me,
Negative attention I must say,Trying to stop me from seeing the light of day,
I will persevere come what may
Proud to be a child of God,Proud to walk in the path he hath trod,
Though there are biters,
Persecutors, Slanderers and Haters,
Who thought that I had depart,That the love of Christ was not there in my heart,
I will always remain steadfast and never let go,For the Father loves me so,
I will continue standing up for my right,I am not afraid of anything or anybody's might
People may hate,Or predict bad for my fate,
However sober I will remain,
And not go into the wicked people's games
Tell them that I do not change my mind,
Tell them that I am keeping faith no matter their threats come what may,
I will love my Lord no matter what people say,
False rumors, threats and tactics but I keep on praying,
My flame for God will forever be akindling,
Even though they are not changing
Proud to be God's daughter,Proud to be a Christian,
So you people, you heathens out there who try to think you win,
You lose, no mission is accomplished here
As:You are now exposed, Judged by Heaven's door,
I am (in there) in this door forevermore,
Nobody could stop me, I will never let go,
For my God is manifested here below,
He rescues when people plot, devise,scheme and slander,
To me, he is the world's most greatest wonder,
So: Even though you seem to win and you conspire,
You will feel the consequences that are dire.



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