Inspirational Poems-Spiritual (Religious) and poems in General that would inspire your mind

These are inspirational poems that would blow your mind making the reader reflect on God and life. The poems give lessons and messages to be taught.


3. Fighting for my rights and...Perseverance:Fight!!!!

feeling brave and strong

(written on Tuesday 24th November, 2015)

I'm not sparing her,
I'm not sparing her, she whose heart is very hard,
She who plots evil day and night
Causing innocent people to be bullied all her might,
And does not care or have any fright
Bullying people's lives to the very end 
Yet pretend to be their friend
Making friendship hear sweet sounding
Oh how she is so deceiving 
I will defend myself
And not cower myself into a corner 
I could easily fight back or tell someone or the other 
Or pray for this triple evil sister
Because she makes a mockery 
And devises evil debauchery 
Coming to harass people's soul 
Coming here and has no control 
Being as a thorn in our sides
Oh I ask the Lord to be with me fast falls the eventide,
The darkness deepens, Lord with me abide,
What but thy grace can foil the devilish power,
As I am tortured every second,every hour
With her nasty and evil schemes
To the one who has evil dreams 
Hello to you who loves my life in the cemetery
I have come to let you know
In am not afraid of your evil schemes 
Or your threats to me you know
You don't know who you are dealing with
You are trying to descend me into the pit,
Trying as head as the ringleader
To put and thwart my good work asunder 
To plot evidence and tell others lies,
To have devious and nasty tactics 
Then gather all sorts of army people 
You seem to win and you conspire,
But you will feel the consequences that are dire,
You think you can dump my life in the grave,
And say mission accomplished but guess what
Hear what I have to say
I'm not being afraid of your evil darts
For with my God I love him
My flame for him will forever be akindling,
Leave me alone I bellow and groan,
Leave me alone oppressors 
Stop playing your evil games 
But even if you don't hear and I still have my cross to bear 
I will not spare her, I will not spare her
I will fight for my rights forevermore.



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