Inspirational Poems-Spiritual (Religious) and poems in General that would inspire your mind

These are inspirational poems that would blow your mind making the reader reflect on God and life. The poems give lessons and messages to be taught.


1. My Christian Faith-Perseverance

 feeling blessed and confident and strong-bold enough to preach the truth of Jesus Christ and defeat Satan in Jesus name AMEN!!!

(written on Tuesday 29th September, 2015)
My Christian Faith-Perseverance:
I am a Christian, I respect others rights
I also tell others of the love of Jesus Christ 
However there are many biters
Persecutors, Slanderers and Haters
Who call me names
Tell me I am a heathen
Who thought that I had depart
That I didn't have the love of Christ in my heart
They spit, persecute, lie and try to justify
All their hatred and make it seem worthwhile
Enough Is Enough! I was tempted to say
But I knew that the love of Christ was here to stay
So I wouldn't let anything get in the way
Of how my Christian role has to play:
To bring others to the cross of Christ 
To bring others-to take them by his side
To let his love of blood and water flow
Into their souls so they should know
The works of this Jesus my friend divine!
A lot of people try to make me think 
That I should try to step on the brink
Thinking that I would feel obliged
To say:
That God is not on my side
That my reward in Heaven is not there or gone
That I shouldn't be happy
That I should be (sad), so forlorn 
But oh wait! I am not deceived 
I am God's child 
I am happy because he washed me in his precious blood
This will be forever stood
I was sinking deep, Now I sink no more.
I may not be perfect but have to ask for forgiveness
As I am human I may make mistakes but
I ask for forgiveness. Jesus love is here to stay.
He opened up the door so I would not depart no more
I have the assurance forevermore
Sometimes I am tempted to go the wrong way 
Because heathenish behaviour from strangers of the cross did me bad things yesterday and today 
They persecute, devise, plot, scheme and slander
But I remember that Christians have a reward in Heaven 
So we have to take the pain, persevere come what may
Christ's love is here to stay
That is why I will hold on to faith 
I will not move from a good to a bad state
I'm proud to be a child of God
Proud to walk in the path that he hath trod
I'm unashamed of Jesus Christ 
Proud to be by his side
Never to leave,always to stay 
And never let anything get in the way
They thought that they could stop me 
They thought that they could make a fool out of me
Tried to dump my life in the cemetery
But I will remain steadfast 
Till Heaven's journey and reward come at last
I really love him
I am a child of the King
Obstacles may come now but later I'll step to Heaven's door
No crying, no sadness, no pain-all love and glory there to stay
That is why I am glad for that great day will come no matter what may
So I will (continue to) hold on and never let go
For the Father loves me so. 

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