The Peculiar Ones

A destroyed town, a secret world, three peculiar children and a long walk to London.


2. Chapter 2.

                                                                        Amber                                                                21/10/1939

0230 hours
I was running again, what I was running from is unknown but I was running for my life, the smell of rotting flesh filled every crack in the room and a low groaning noise rung in my ears. I know what’s going to happen next, it’s the same every night, black vines will creep up the walls, and pairs of flashing lights will stare into my soul but I always wake up in a pool of sweat. I continue running down this hallway that seems to have no end, I always wake up before I can open the door that I wish to reach so I run, Jumping over broken furniture and smashed glass. Shards of moonlight spilled through the eastern window, and in them silver speaks of dust danced around in the open, diamonds burned in the distance, set on rich black velvet, I longed to reach them but never would, I was going to run until I died or until my brother woke me up from this repetitive dream, which ever came first. I could hear his voice calling my name, the sound of fear bounced off the walls and jumped down my throat causing me to gag, but I didn’t stir.

Adrenalin was pumping through my veins as I got closer and closer to the door, I may actually reach it this time, I may actually be able to uncover the secrets that lurk behind the thick wall of wood and brass. I can feel the smile spread across my face as it becomes nearer, it has only taken me three years. I begin to stretch out my arm, I long to feel the cold touch of the handle and feel it sizzle against the warmth of my hand. My hand grows closer and closer but the noise of whistling grows louder and louder, I had never heard this noise before, it was new to me, it sounded like a farmer calling his kelpie but louder, I look up but all I can see it the emptiness of the ceiling, it was obviously all in my head. My hand is only inches away now, three years I have been waiting for this, three years! I can’t believe this is happening, I am going to finally finish this repetitive dream that I dread so dearly. The whistling noise grows louder and louder and my hand inches closer and closer, finally, I grasp the handle but when I turn the handle to unlock its secrets the whistling stops and all goes white.

“Amber!” my brother was sitting next to me, his hands gripping at my arm. I look at him, then the patch of sweat on the floor, then the picture in my hands.

“I almost . . . . . . . I almost did it, I almost unlocked it secrets but then . . . . . . then the whistling and . . . .” I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, my brother wrapped his arms around me and told me it wasn’t okay but it wasn’t. “I’m supposed to be looking after to you” I pulled away and put on a fake smile even though I hurt inside.
“You maybe older but I can still care for you” he leans in and hugs me again, burying his face into my neck, I felt warm inside, like a strong bond being formed inside of me, I like it.


5000 hours
He had fallen back to sleep but I stayed awake, looking over him as if I was his guardian angel. He slept so peacefully, unlike me. I usually got up at this time, it gave me time to do the things that mum didn’t, which was pretty much everything, I’d cook, clean and scrape up enough food for our lunches, which is usually a small piece of stale bread.

The honey like sky darkened as clouds rolled in from the distance and the breeze smelt of damp wood and blood from the overnight hunt, this was my favourite time of day, there is barely anyone on the streets so I am able to walk freely without bumping into people’s bags or getting trampled over by the fat lady on the end of the street. I ran my hands along the walls, feeling every individual crack and bump amongst the bricks, it distracted me from the head ache that was slowly forming in my head, it was like a hammer banging against my skull but I did my best to ignore it.


6030 hours
My brother and I ran with the other children for quite some time, secretly stealing small crumbs of food as we went. A light mist began to fall followed by a down pour, the other children ran home in worry but my brother and I strolled slowly letting the water drip from our chin and hair, he would occasionally tilt his head back and attempted to catch the droplets of water in his mouth but would never succeed. We strolled down the street in silence, pushing each other into muddy puddles as we walked until we were able to see the sun bleached door from the other side of the street, you would be able to see that bloody door from space, I sigh aloud and walk faster, my brother trailing behind me. I quickly opened the door and closed it behind me, I didn’t like to be seen in front of my house and I definitely didn’t want people to know where I lived, I don’t know why, I just felt uncomfortable about it, is that so hard to understand?

My brother begins to pull apples and small, dry biscuits from his pockets as I gather out some cheap clay plates that we had brought from the markets the day before (I didn’t feel like eating off the ground as usual, it is gross and what’s the fancy word? Oh yeah, unhygienic.) We ate in silence nibbling at the biscuits, they were so hard that you’d swear you were eating rocks but it was better than nothing. He was staring at me now, tears trickling down his cheeks, he was very emotional but I guess you would predicted that in a seven year old. I looked up and flashed a fake smiles but it didn’t seem to cheer him up, it only made things worse.

“Why?” he started, chocking on the mucus in his throat “Why you?” he covered his face with his hands and cried harder. I got up and sat next to him, stroking his hair.

“We all have a purpose, mine is just different, unique, that’s all” I placed his head under my chin, I could feel the tears roll down my own cheeks, I disliked lying to him but it was the best for both of us, I just wish I knew what was happening.


1400 hours
My brother had locked himself in my parent’s room, he had been in there since lunch doing something in secrecy, and so that left me, alone, starring out into the rain. I watched as a couple walked home, holding hand and leaning against each other for support, I smiled sheepishly, how I longed for love. I sigh heavily and look down at myself, I am clearly un-lovable, I am a heartless monster within a shell of sun kissed skin and brown hair, I can’t control myself from hurting others and it scares me, I don’t know how much longer it will be until I hurt him, I look at my parent’s bed room door and sigh, will I?

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