The Peculiar Ones

A destroyed town, a secret world, three peculiar children and a long walk to London.


1. Chapter 1.

Jack                                                                    21/10/1939

0600 hours
Maybe it was all a dream, maybe it was all in my head, yeah, all in my head; wait my imagination sucks. I sigh heavily and rip the covers off my bed revealing nothing, I thought so, I felt tears roll down my checks but did nothing to stop it, crying was comforting almost, let out all my emotions so I wouldn’t accidently scream half way through class. I jump out of bed and dash over towards the dresser hoping that no one body saw me and quickly slip into my socks. What have I ever done to deserve this? I have never done anything to hurt anyone, ever, I always obey the rules, I always clean up after myself, I love my parents, so why me? I wipe the remaining tears from my cheeks and put on a fake smile, today was the weekend, not much could go wrong.

I sat down at the dining table alone, my parent both had full time jobs and I rarely got to see them. I reached for the bowl of soggy cereal in the centre of the table, it was discussing but better than nothing, I scoop up a large blob of goo and placed in into my mouth, it was a struggle to get down, the taste, the texture, the way it made you gag, it is a miracle that I am still alive.

After that horror story I washed my mouth out with water, thoroughly, and opened up the window, letting Pretzel in. I patted his ginger fur as feed him small chunks of sausage meat from the night before, he jumped down off the seat and did figure eights around my legs, even if he couldn’t see them he still cared (and probably gave me ring worm but . . . . .) I watched as his ears perked up then he ran to the window and stopped mid-way, he seemed to be looking out for something, I poked my head out the window myself, the noise of screaming children blew in the air, at first I thought it was the Germans but I couldn’t hear the low buzzing of the planes, when the children came around the corner a tall shadowy figure was running after them, of course, Amber was terrorising younger children, how nice. I watched on until I could no longer see their blurry silhouettes in the distance, better them then me right, I smirked then popped my head back inside, she is so mean.


1400 hours
The rest of my day was boring, as usual, my grandmother came over at about 1030 hours and knitted me a scarf out of her dog’s fur and ate bread that was mainly saw dust as she told me stories about her childhood with details that weren’t needed.

As she snoozed on the sofa I burnt the scarf in the fire and lay near it for warmth. I honestly had nothing to do, so I just lay there, thinking about what lay ahead for me, would I just slowly disappear or be discovered when I thought no one was watching, I continued to think about why I was chosen to vanish, I do feel invisible but I didn’t think it would actually happen. I let out a shaky breath and close my eyes, maybe if I close them for long enough everything would go back to the way it was, to a life of being bullied ever so less and not having to wear ugly socks, to a life were I don’t have to cower in the shadows and lock myself in my room, back to my boring lif- I don’t want my life to be boring, I want adventure and excitement, I want to get away from this run down town and live; maybe this invisibility illness isn’t an illness at all but an opportunity to start over, maybe I was born to be something special . . . . . . . but I’m not special, I’m just Jack, and nothing will change that.

The door screeched open letting in a just of cool air, my parents stepped in, water dripping from their faces. They slowly moved towards the kitchen table, leaning against each other for support, it was sad to see them this way but they wouldn’t stop, rain, hail or shine, I swear they’d work until they died just to support the family. Father placed a small pile of coins on the table and sighed, it was barely enough to buy a loaf of bread. I could see the tears begin to well up in Mothers eyes and she collapsed onto the ground in a heap of emotions. I crawled over and placed a hand on her, trying to comfort her but it only made matters worse.


2000 hours
I had locked myself in my room, I felt responsible, if I was never born maybe, just maybe my parents would live a happier life, I clutched my pillow closer, soaking up my tears in its wool. I could hear my parent’s voices through the thin walls, they whispered about the future and what would happen to us, to me. Why do they have to suffer? I wish I could just steal their pain and give it to someone that deserves it, like that Amber, she is a rotten girl with no heart, I would give anything to see her cower in the shadows as I do or be afraid of what lays ahead, if only I had the ability to but no, I’m the boy that’s turning invisible, lucky me.

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