over the eclipse (short story) -first place in the Beauty and the Beast competition

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  • Published: 11 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 11 Apr 2017
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Kohl has been alone since two. He raised himself even though his father was still present. Kohl's life flipped upside down in high school after following the footsteps of his drunken father. Luna was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia at the age of eighteen and has been institutionalized ever since, but only recently was released. When Kohl is asked to speak about his painful childhood to a mental facility he winds up at the same place that Luna stayed at. Ever since their first coffee date, their relationship has been growing stronger than ever, but how long can their love distract them from their harsh past? This story provokes the message of loving somebody despite their flaws.


5. four

After many months of hardcore planning, our wedding falls in seven days. Luna invited her close friends and close family, but considering I have no family or anyone I talk to I did not ask anyone except my old high school friend. He was institutionalized after high school and has been there ever since, but they are letting him go for a night to come to my wedding. My dad has been sent an invitation too, and he has received it I am told, but I have yet to receive an RSVP.


I walk into the kitchen this morning to find Luna sitting at the kitchen counter with a book in one hand and coffee in the other. She’s wearing another one of my shirts that hangs low past her waist. Her silky brown hair flows down her back and curls at the ends from her sleep. I walk towards her half asleep snaking my arms around her torso. I snuggle my face under her arm as she wraps it around my head.


“Good morning my handsome prince,” She says laughing at her silly nickname.


“Morning beautiful” I reach my head up, to quickly kiss her on the lips.


“There is coffee over there if you would like some.” Luna smiles as she brings her cup to her lips.


“Have you checked the mail since the other day?” I ask her while pouring the leftover coffee from the pot into my glass.


“No,” she says passing me the jar of milk that is next to her. “I was going to go after breakfast.”


“Thank you, my love.” As I down the coffee I feel an instant relief from my morning headache. Luna smiles at me before getting up from her seat and padding over to me, wrapping her arms around me.


“I can’t wait to marry you.” She says resting her chin on my chest.


I drop my head resting it on her forehead and softly whisper, “I am so happy I found you.” My hand finds its way up to her cheek softly padding it across. “I do not know who I would be right now if you were not here.”


“I am so happy I found you also. I love you.” She tilts her head a little higher pressing her lips against mine.  “I am going to go check the mail, so I will be right back.” I softly kiss her once more before she parts from me. She slips on her pants left downstairs from the night before, puts on her shoes and walks out the door, but not before yelling bye to me.


The door swings open several minutes later as Luna walks through holding a few envelopes. She yells from across the room that the remaining RSVP’s came in. She drops the envelopes on the table, but for some twist of fate I pick up the one from my father. My heart drops at the sight of his name written on the back of the envelope.


“Uh-Luna?” I call out to her but get no response. “Luna!” I yell much louder needing her by my side right now. She runs into the kitchen stopping dead in her tracks once she sees the envelope in her hands realizing what this means.


“Is that?” She begins, but I cut her off by nodding.


“My dad,” I say my voice barely audible.


“Do you want me to open it?”


“Please?” I hand Luna the envelope, as she walks to stand next to me for support. Sounds of ripping paper echo throughout our kitchen, but I keep my focus on the mug of coffee resting on the table before me. The paper gets pulled out from the envelope, and for a good few seconds, the room is completely silent.


“Oh Kohl,” Luna speaks not confirming if he is coming or not. She slides the paper in front of my face while rubbing my back. At the same time, I begin to read the card she speaks. “You’re going to see your father.” Feelings of overwhelmingness and confusion are flowing through me right now. I do not know what to feel. Luna wraps her arms around me telling me she is here for me and that I can do this, but to be honest I don’t know if I can. I wrap myself around Luna for support. Her fingers run through my morning hair as my hand reaches for the back of her neck. She asks me how I am feeling, but I don’t know what to say.


“Lun- I’m terrified.” My voice stutters breaking my words.

“Listen to me K,” Luna puts both of her hands on either side of my face forcing me to look into her eyes as she speaks. “I will be there with you the whole time, and we don’t have to see him or talk to him. Everything is going to be okay I promise. You have me, and I will not leave your side the whole night okay?” My anxiety begins to vanish little by little with every word she says to me, and for a minute I actually believe I can do this. Luna puts her faith in me, and that is all I ever asked from her, I just can't believe I am going to see my father for the first time in decades.

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