The Day After The Duel

(COMPLETED) *Hamilton Musical Spoilers* This is a short play about what could have happened on the first day after Hamilton's duel with Burr if he would have narrowly avoided it. Enjoy!


8. Scene 6

Scene 6


Eliza is sitting on a 4 poster bed, deep in thought. She is humming and looking down. Alexander is going through the stuff on her bedside table, when he finds a folded piece of parchment, and begins to read from it.


    AH: “Immediately after dinner, I stole from a crowd of company to a solitary walk to be at leisure to think of you, and I have just returned to tell you by an express this moment going off that I have been doing so. You are certainly a little sorceress and have bewitched me, for you have made me disrelish every thing that used to please me, and have rendered me as restless and unsatisfied with all about me, as if I was the inhabitant of another world, and had nothing in common with this. I must in spite of myself become an inconstant to detach myself from you, for as it now stands I love you more than I ought—more than is consistent with my peace. A new mistress is supposed to be the best cure for an excessive attachment to an old— if I was convinced of the success of the scheme, I would be tempted to try it— for though it is the pride of my heart to love you it is the torment of it to love you so much, separated as we now are.”  

    ES: What are you doing reading that?

    AH: It’s mine too. I just... I can’t believe you kept it.

    ES: Why wouldn’t I?
    AH: I just... I thought you would have burned it or something.


The two read the middle of the letter in silence, following each word. Eliza finishes off by reading the end.


ES: Well...I did burn some other ones. But I couldn’t bring myself to destroy that one. “We are now at Dobbes ferry. I would go on but the General summons me to ride. Adieu My Dear lovely amiable girl. Heaven preserve you and shower its choicest blessings upon you. Love me I conjure you. A Hamilton”


    AH: What’s really on your mind?

    ES: I want to forget this ever happened.

    AH: But nothing has changed since then.

    ES: Everything has.

    AS: But I still love love you Eliza!

    ES: I never said you didn’t...

    AH: But you want to forget about the letter!

    ES: No! I want to forget about the duel. Sorry, I should have been more clear.

    AH: Thank God. I thought you wanted to give me up.

    ES: Where did you get that from? I would never want to give you up. After all we’ve been through...I mean, like anyone, we’ve had rough patches. But, at the end of the day, I’m still the same person that sent a letter to General Washington, begging him to send you home because I was pregnant with Philip, but didn’t have the nerve to tell you myself! God, I was so concerned about hurting you!


Alexander sits down, with the letter in one hand, and takes Eliza’s hand with his other.


    AH: And I am still the same person who wrote that letter.

    ES: And I am still the same person who didn’t give you enough to stay! I thought I had given you everything. I thought that was enough...

    AH: Eliza- that is enough. I just think... Sometimes we to come close to losing everything to find the worth of anything.

    ES: I just feel like it’s my fault. Like I didn’t give you enough to stay.

    AH: I didn’t mean for that duel to be a way to escape you.

    ES: Really?

    AH: Really. I don’t want to leave the life that I’m in. I think it took the opportunity for me to lose everything to realize that I have everything.

    ES: I just can’t think of life without you.

    AH: I don’t want to think of life without you.



ES: But all I could tell myself when I saw you there was how I had thought the same thing when Philip was born. I couldn’t imagine my life without him but I’m reliving it every day! is that possible, Alexander?

AH: I don’t know darling. It’s best not to worry about it.

ES: He had so much. You have so much. But you can always have more.

AH: There is no use worrying about it. You will see him again sometime, Eliza, I am convinced of it.

ES: I... I know.

AH: What were you humming?

ES: The song I taught Philip on the piano. We hummed it together before he…

AH: That’s what I thought. I regret that I remind you of him, or of his absence.

ES: No. That’s the best part. I love that you remind me of him. It keeps him alive. But if you were to die, he would really be gone. Of course, he already is gone in real life, but in my head you keep him alive.

AH: I’m glad I do.

ES: I'm just so happy that you are okay.

AH: I am too.

ES: I love you. So much.

AH: I know darling, you show me and give me more than enough every day. I love you too.


Eliza blows out the last candle on the bedside table, and everything goes black, however, you can see the shadow of her and Hamilton kissing and the scene ends in a final hug as the lights go out.



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