The Day After The Duel

(COMPLETED) *Hamilton Musical Spoilers* This is a short play about what could have happened on the first day after Hamilton's duel with Burr if he would have narrowly avoided it. Enjoy!


7. Scene 5

Scene 5


Eliza and the older children are finishing up eating in silence when Alexander walks into the kitchen with a large piece of rolled up parchment. He reads off of it.


    ALJ: He’s done it again. No one’s brain really works quite like yours, Father.

    AH: As my dear son Alexander has already referred to, I have written an explanation. An answer to what all of you may be wondering. Your Mother left the room just a bit ago to consult with me. And John, especially you, your mother has reminded me to tell you four that what is said in this kitchen, stays in this kitchen. Understood? John Church, for this situation, I have made sure you are treated as the young man you ought to be.

    ES: Alexander, do stick to the script, will you?

    AH: Yes, my dear. Now, onto what you all may be wondering about. All of us make mistakes. Some small, some large, some fatal.What matters is that we learn from them, and we reflect on them. Would it be chance or stroke of luck to make the stars align as they have today?  For, I shall start my story with my dear daughter Angelica. If it would have been that she had not found my letters to a certain Mister Burr, I might as well be in the grave now. There comes a time when I will, but if I had not left my letter on my desk that day may well have been today. I shall not wait any longer to blind you from the reality of why we are here now. Mr. Burr and I were one count, one  second away from firing our shots on the dueling ground in Weehawken, when Angelica ran between him and I. She reminded me of our dear son Philip, whom we had lost to a duel. Then I remembered I would be orphaning Burr’s dear Theodosia if we were to shoot. It may have made sense for me to duel Burr in the first place- we have always had our differences. But then I think back to my humble days as a child in the Caribbean. Orphaned at such a tender age, with nowhere to turn, no way to go. We can all work our way out of situations, and build up a reputation, but I realized that taking a daughter’s father would be an unshakable thing. I continued to think of all of you, and your younger siblings not present. Would I really want Philip, just two to go through life without a Father? No. Would I want to not have the chance to say goodbye to my dear wife in person not through a letter. Would I want to leave everything I had to abandon all of you? At one point, I thought yes. I thought I should stand for everything, and fight until the death. Now, I realize that may be true for some circumstances but not for some others. I will now live everyday with a certain gratefulness, but also guilt for the world that I could very well be abolished from. Finally, I remind myself always to thank my dear daughter, your sister for saving me, just as I have done. If there is one thing I want you to take away from this is that do things for the better. And if you feel you might be doing something for the worse, never feel afraid to change it for the better.


There is a great silence in the room.


    AH: That will be all.

    ES: All right now. It’s best you get to bed now and-


All the children quickly shuffle away.


    ES: Clear your plates.

    AH: Aye! Children!

    ES: Let it go.

    ALJ: What is it, Father?

    AH: Nevermind.


Eliza lets out a tired smile, and begins to clear the dishes onto a tray. She hunches over, and begins to wash them.


    AH: Darling- you do know you deserve a break sometimes.

    ES: This house would fall apart if I “took a break”. And the last time I did, it went awfully wrong.

    AH: Don’t remind me.

    ES: Sorry.

    AH: Don’t try and fool me. I know you’ve got something on your mind.

    ES: Yes, actually I do. It’s just-


There is a large clatter and crash from upstairs.


    ES: Oh, Lord. I’ll be back.


Eliza rushes out of the room and runs upstairs. Alexander tiptoes over to the dishes, finishes cleaning all of them, and puts them all away, and cleans up after them. As soon as he is finished, he peeks his head out of the door, and Eliza walks in. Eliza notices the dishes cleaned.


    ES: Alexander. You cleaned the dishes?

    AH: “It’s best we get to bed now!”

    ES: Oh, Alex, you just outdo yourself!

    AH: Hey, what happened up there?

    ES: William knocked over a vase.

    AH: Oh did he? No one has as much patience as you, Eliza.

    ES: “Don’t remind me.”


Eliza flashes a quick grin, and Alexander takes her arm as they walk out of the kitchen together.


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