The Day After The Duel

(COMPLETED) *Hamilton Musical Spoilers* This is a short play about what could have happened on the first day after Hamilton's duel with Burr if he would have narrowly avoided it. Enjoy!


6. Scene 4

Scene 4


Eliza enters the room again, looking quite tired, and sinks back down into her chair. Her children are mostly done eating, but Eliza is now just starting.


    ES: Sorry that took so long. But be quiet, will you? Philip just wouldn’t settle. Ahh, I’m starving.



No sooner as Eliza has sat down and taken only one bite, Alexander peeks his head into the kitchen.


AH: Eliza, my dear, come and read what I have pulled together.

    ES: James, dear, put my plate by the fire; it’s gotten quite cold, will you?

    JAH: Sure thing, Mother.


Eliza leaves the room for Alexander’s office with him, and the older children are left alone in the kitchen. Alexander puts Eliza’s plate by the fire.


    JCH: I told William I thought this whole thing was about Mr. Reynolds.

    ASH: I assure you; it’s not.

    JCH: William Stephen said that he saw Mother pull Father aside after church today.

    JAH: When did you find out? You were only 5 when the rest of the world did.

    JCH: He left me a letter last night, saying that I should know the truth, directly from him, if he were to die.

JAH: Well would you mention it to William? He’s only 7.

JCH: He started the conversation. He asked me about the meeting, and what I meant. So I told him what I thought. Why are we here anyways?

ASH: I think he’s gonna tell us about the meeting.

JCH: Hey, Angie, you seem quiet. Do you know anything about this?

ASH: I’d prefer to stay out of this conversation.

JCH: You were about my age when Reynolds came to be-

ALJ: Lower your voices. Remember, the children are sleeping. You would be with them, John, if it were Mother’s decision. And you shouldn’t be talking about Reynolds; you know Mother-    

    ES: Why were you talking about-

    ALJ: I can explain-

    ES: There is no need for you to explain. At least for now. Your Father is the one who will be explaining, and he will be coming in shortly. James, is my plate ready?

    JAH: Yes Mother, so sorry.

    ES: No need for apologies. Sorry I lashed out at you. Just you of all people knows how I feel about that name in my house.


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