The Day After The Duel

(COMPLETED) *Hamilton Musical Spoilers* This is a short play about what could have happened on the first day after Hamilton's duel with Burr if he would have narrowly avoided it. Enjoy!


3. Scene 1

Scene 1


Two men are standing apart from each other. Their pistols are raised at each other. They are ready to duel. It is a grassy field with surrounding trees and bushes. It is right by the edge of a cliff. The year is 1804. The date is July 11th. The place is Weehawken New Jersey.


AH+AB: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9-


Suddenly a young woman rushes between the two men’s raised pistols. If either shot, she would be dead. Her hair is messy, and her dress dirtied.


    AH: Angelica? What are you doing here?


A slightly older woman, but still young, also runs to the duel spot looking panicked.


    AB: Mrs. Hamilton?

    ES: Alexander!

    AH: I can explain!

    ES: There is no need for explaining. Angelica-


There is a brief pause as Angelica is contemplating what to say. Then she looks at both the men, their guns still raised, and remains in between them, takes a brief look and her mother and begins to speak after a deep breath.



ASH: You- you two need to stop. Lower your guns. I know you may think that this is a joke. You just want me to leave so you can get back to fighting. You would rather shoot instead, perhaps even with me standing here. But- but, I know you see what these guns can do. Do you not care? Philip died- he’s gone- because of this- why Father? Why Mister Burr? Because of this- he died. Is that how you two want to be remembered? By killing someone? I know you may think that this is a game. A game to win- to prove yourself. But is taking someone’s life a game? NO. It can never be undone. Not ever. This world is so awful big. Big enough for both of both of you. So just think. Just...think. Thank you.


The men both lower their guns and Angelica backs away. The men walk towards each other, shake each other’s hands, and walk away.


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